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Gynecomastia and Erectile Dysfunction

Hi community! I am 30yrs,i noticed swollen breast(men boobs) since when i was a teenager,each time i visit the doctor they keep assuring me that it will disappear when i grow older but it remained till date...earlier this year i started experiencing frequent urination which lasted for several months before it stopped,followed by weak erection,no morning hard ons,low sex drive,also noticed reduced/no visible muscle mass,added body weight,dark urine....but during the period i noticed the erectile dysfunction i also noticed fluid coming out from both breast,atimes clear fuild,followed by white fluid.i need guidelines on how to solve this issue....thank you.
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The gynecomastia may require formal cosmetic surgery to reduce your amount of breast tissue. For the other problems -- low libido, weak erections and no spontaneous erections it may be worth your while to go on a trial of testosterone replacement therapy.
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thank you  AndrewRynneMD! for ur response,is the testosterone therapy a shortime process or involves a long time treatment? hope my situation would hinder impreganting a lady? thank you once more...
and also concerning the gynecostia,if i intend living with it without a surgery,hope there will be no negative effect? thank you
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Pls I need response
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