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Has anyone lost their libido/ had erectile dysfunction and regained it?

I'm a 27 year old male and have basically had full blown erectile dysfunction for over a year now. I'm slim and healthy. I eat well and exercise regularly. Before suddenly beginning to experience erectile dysfunction in the summer of last year, I was quite sexually active and generally had a girl on the go.

Now it's been over a year since I've last had sex and I don't know what to do. I've been to the doctor several times and have been tested for testosterone/ progesterone/ vitamin deficiency et cetera and have been told that all is normal. I went to the urologist and he examined my testicles and said they looked normal. Everyone seems to think it's in my head.

None of this helps me. It's not just me getting performance anxiety when I'm with a girl. If I haven't masturbated in a week or so and I feel energetic and it's the middle of the day, I might masturbate with an 80% erection at most. Other times it's much less than that. In general, I find I've become apathetic and indifferent to sex and this feeling does seem to branch out to life in general as well. If I can't have sex, I can't have a girlfriend, and I can't have a family. So what's there to get excited about?

I've been prescribed Viagra which helps me get a strong erection, but doesn't really cure the lost libido part. I've tried dating a couple times since losing my libido, but don't really feel the pull towards women anymore. I may like a girl perfectly fine, but if she starts trying to be coy or flirt with me or whatever, it really just doesn't do anything for me. And I don't like hurting people's feelings so I've basically given up on dating.

Though I have relatively muscular arms and broad shoulders, I think it's worth pointing out that I've always had a little bit of gynecomastia (especially for someone as slim as I am) and do not have very much facial or body hair. I feel that this is relevant information, however, the doctors seem to not believe so and as I mentioned before, my testosterone results were apparently average.

So I don't know what to do. There's no weight to be lost and no exercise to be increased. There's not one particular thing that's stressing me out, although the thought of a life alone is daunting. I live in Toronto, which has a shock wave therapy clinic for erectile dysfunction so maybe there's hope there. Has anyone used shockwave therapy and had it work (and how much did it cost)? Or has anyone experienced something similar to me and then regained their libido? If so, how?
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I'm not a Doctor but maybe you are getting old.


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There are some exercises which may help you. Google These words and read them. you may try to see if they work for you. They are based on yoga and Taoist literature.
Male deer exercise
kegel exercise.
Sat kriya,
Anal peripheral prostate massage, ( it is one of the 4 massages)
Kundaini yoga.(You need  a long time and a good teacher). You may google Acupressure, holistic therapy, yoga bandhas)  I believe, spiritual leaders have to remain celibate. To be celibate they have to control their sexual urge, While designing a control they had to first arouse and strengthen the sexual system. Experiment with few at least for a month and if you find some positive change, you may continue till you get results. If you have acupuncture therapyst in your area, you may contact him.
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Hi buddy,

I'm not a doctor but it seems like it is a low test problem.  I'd suggest buying some legal test boosting supplements and see how that goes.  I'm 26 year old, 88kg 13%bf male, work out 3-5 times a week and I've had times where worming out super hard sucked everything out of me, lasting for a week or 2, taking a few good days off gym and having some food I don't usually have brings me right back up.

I'd suggest something with vitamin d, b6, b12, oyster extract and other known and proven supplements to help you boost yourself.  

Being prescribed viagra at 27 seems like a terrible idea...just going by logic here.  

If not, have a real honest heart to heart with a proper psychiatrist.

Most importantly, think it over yourself.

Do you still fancy women? Do you find them cool to hang out with and enjoy their presence?  I believe it's some sort of psychological issue that you're having? Perhaps you've heard of a parter that hasn't been fully satisfied?  I don't know.   Ask yourself all these questions and dive deep into your memory od your previous sexual encounters. Perhaps you can find a memory that triggered it.  
99% of things happen as a result of something right?

Chill out and don't stress, just give yourself some time to really think about it.
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