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Has this ever happen ?

Hey yall, have any of yall been mistaken for Chlamydia but enstead it was balanidis?
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Are you saying a doctor thought at first you had chlamydia, but it turned out it was actually balanitis? Or are you diagnosing things at home and wondering which it is?  Maybe at a glance they could be confused, but the treatment isn't identical.

From another website:

"Treatment for balanitis depends on what's causing it. A doctor
might prescribe a mild steroid cream or ointment, an antifungal cream or ointment, or antibiotics."

"Chlamydia can usually be effectively treated with antibiotics: doxycycline, taken every day for a week
azithromycin – one dose of 1g, followed by 500mg once daily for 2 days."

If you're are self-diagnosing, just go to the doctor, it's simpler. If you're asking because the doctor told you he mistook what was wrong and you want to shake your head that the doc made a mistake and scared you, I'll shake my head too. But if you're asking because you're trying to check a doctor's work by looking things up on the Internet, well, amateur Internet 'doctors' don't do better than a trained MD. A live doctor diagnosing you in person is way better. (Though once the doc has diagnosed you, a lot of good information is available online if you didn't understand what he was saying.)

I hope you get over this condition soon. Good luck!
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Hello, thanks for answering , yes I came out negative for both Chlamydia and gonneria but since the MD didn’t do a physical he diagnosed it as Chlamydia. I felt the symptoms still after the treatment so they gave me another test with azithromyscin but negative and still symptoms. So Monday I went for a check again and physical and the doctor said it was balanidis since I had a sore for it.
Urine test was good too
What kind of urine test did you have?

What was your possible exposure - oral sex? Vaginal? Anal? Condom use? How long ago?

There are other STDs that this could be. It could be mycoplasma, NGU, trich, etc. What tests have you done?

What symptoms are you having?
Just urine test and just oral sex. I had no Penile discharge or bumps or blisters . So when they checked me out on a physical check it was when they saw it was balanidis. The other md’s never bothered to do a physical on me. Does oitmemt really only work on balanidis enstead of those std treatments to cure it?
I just saw the doctor again right now, he said he sees no sign of std and believes it is nothing . It was actually the same doctor he said it wasn’t a std in the first place but he just treated it as one. It just so confusing
So why do they think you have balanitis? You don't have any symptoms? Do you have redness or irritation or anything?
Yes I have symptoms of it and a small red irritation on the side, the doctor said it was balanidis and said I never had a std. I think I worded my post wrong I meant if anyone had thought it was Chlamydia but ended being balanitis
If you look up the symptoms of chlamydia and of balanitis, some parts of the descriptions sound similar, but they are not the same all the way. It's not entirely surprising that someone making a diagnosis without an exam might confuse the two, and also (since the treatment for balanitis is different than the treatment for chlamydia) that the treatment prescribed on the assumption it's chlamydia might not work if it's balanitis. I don't think it's anything to worry about as long as they have the right answer now.
Hey thanks for taking your time to answer, he made a logical guess the first time I have no why he didn’t do a physical but yeah I guess I was negative the first time but he never told me but wanted to treat as that. The cream been working the past couple days feels way better than what the other treatment did
The symptoms are the really the same
Here's what I got when I looked it up; the lists aren't the same though they both include pain when urinating.

Balanitis symptoms

pain when urinating
a thick discharge that comes from under your foreskin
bleeding around the foreskin
an unpleasant smell
difficulty pulling back the foreskin [only a balanitis symptom in adults]

Chlamydia symptoms

pain when urinating
white, cloudy or watery discharge from the tip of the penis
burning or itching in the urethra
testicular pain
Any updates on this?
Hey , yeah I had balanitis from what the doctor said no wonder those std treatment never worked and I tested negative for all that before . They gave me cream to put on that took away the burn but now I’m on day 6 of the ointment . I still do need to pee a little more than usual tho Supodoly it’s my nerves on alert
Also, look up care of yourself to prevent balanitis, in particular if you aren't circumcised. A doctor can tell you what kind of cleaning routine is needed if you can't find good advice online.
Yupppp and careful with them strong ass shampoos too they are bad too so good body washes that aren’t to harmful like natural body washes are perfect
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