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Has this happened to anyone else?

One night I was lying with my girlfriend (I was 28 and healthy at the time). We had been making out, but decided not to have sex. We were also in the mist of some fairly tough emotional times. I had an erection for probably over an hour, as I lied there frustrated and sad. My chest was aching from the emotional pain, and suddenly, I felt my erection rapidly deflate. The next thing I know, it's morning. I wake up with what feels like a hangover (which is odd because I wasn't drinking the night before), and a host of other symptoms, including weak erections and ejaculation (viagra does not help), testicle tightness, frequent urination, increased gas, constant fatigue, unproductive sleep, irritated eyes (I can't wear contacts anymore), slow visual frame rate/eye tracking, and an overall sense of dullness. That was 12 years ago, and none of these symptoms have improved over time. GPs are absolutely worthless, they basically tell me I'm fine and haven't tried any sort of medical detective work. My urologist can't find anything wrong with me except for low-ish testosterone (he gave me clomid and now my testosterone is in normal ranges, but my symptoms persist unchanged). I'm currently attempting to receive care from a neurologist, but they don't seem to really want to deal with me either.

You can basically divide my life into two sections; the normal times before that night, and the bad times after. For what it's worth, I'm now in a strong, loving relationship with someone else (married actually) and financially secure. It really feels to me like something physically broke that night. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?
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This doesn't at all sound like a prostate problem, and I'd know about that, unfortunately.  It does sound like you had a strong mental reaction and if it lasted long enough you might have developed a mental disorder.  Now, a GP can't really help with much of anything and it's really not their job to do that in the modern medical system.  They do the triage, and then send you to a specialist if they think there's an indication of something being wrong.  I can't see what a neurologist would do, either, as you don't seem to be describing nerve problems.  It's certainly possible that a remarkable coincidence happened and you starting manifesting a disease state right at that time, but the mind is a powerful thing and it sounds like you just couldn't deal with what was going on mentally and because you didn't fix it quickly enough it festered.  Can't tell you if that's the real thing going on, no way to know and I'm no expert, but as someone with both prostate problems and mental problems, it sounds to me like the latter is what you need to investigate.  Peace.
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I think you might be right, but can frequent urination and gassiness really be attributed to a mental health issue? My neurological issues include the constant hangover feeling, head tightness, and slow eye-tracking (for example, playing catch is something that became way more difficult after this episode). I know that a lot of mental disorders can feel like physical disorders, but I want to rule out anything physical.
You should do that.  Many people who think or have been told they have mental illness actually have some hard to find physiological problem.  Definitely eliminate that possibility.  My response was based on it having happened so suddenly.  Hormonal problems or neurological problems or prostate problems usually develop over time until they reach a point where they get bad enough we go to the doc.  But if this all started that suddenly following an emotionally traumatic night the mental aspect has to be considered.  Hope you get to the bottom of it.
Thanks, me too!
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First - I'm not a man, so this won't be a "this has happened to me" thing, but I have some questions.

In all this, did they check your prostate? Did they do anything - a finger check, an ultrasound, a PSA test, or anything?

What about your thyroid?

Besides clomid, are you on any medications? Do you drink alcohol or use any drugs?

How's your libido? Besides the erectile dysfunction, do you want sex?

I'm thinking hypothydroism, prostate issues, side effects from medications - things along those lines. I'd really hope your docs have checked your prostate, but I'm still surprised at how many don't, so I ask.

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Yup, I've had a prostrate check, a scan to check for a hernia, blood tests including PSA and tests for thyroid issues, as well as echocardiogram with a cardiologist, chest x-rays, and even a sonogram of my testicles. None of these showed anything abnormal. At the time, I wasn't on any medications whatsoever, and I even stopped drinking for 4 months (it didn't make any difference). At the moment, I'm trying to get a neurologist to help, but they're making me jump through all these hoops (as Drs are wont to do).
Oh, my libido is reduced, like 50% of what it was.
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