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Have i permanently damaged my penis?

about 6-12 months ago i had a very rough and long masturbation session for about 9-10 hours back to back , after my penis was very swollen and chaffed bleeding a little bit and sore for a few days after , now its just not the same as it usto be i will try explain the symptoms iam now getting as detailed as possible these have been goin on ever since then seem to be getting worse i think. iam being very serious aswell

- my penis skin has 0 feeling at all and absolutely no pleasure sensation whatsoever i can hardly feel touching it
- i can pinch my penis skin as hard as i absolutely can and it doesn't hurt or feel anything at all
-the skin seems to be all wrinkly now and more of it
-i never usto be able to but i can now pull my foreskin so far back and it doesnt hurt whatsover and doesnt come back to normal placement and will stay back
- and as weird as this is and i find it even stranger is that i can literally not even joking squeeze my penis with a grip as hard as i possibly can and feel no pain whatsoever its like my penis is dead
- the skin is extremely stretchy now and has a really weird feeling to it like its disconnected from my actual penis like theres some fluid inbetween it feels extremely soft and rubbery
another strange thing that i can do is twist my penis 5 times around and it doesnt hurt at all .
even masturbating now doesn't feel good at all i can still reach orgasm but with much difficulity

i think i have permately damaged my penis and it will never be how it usto be could someone please help me and tell me what is wrong with it .
also i have shown my doctor and he pricked the skin with a needle and asked if i could feel it i litterally couldnt could only feel pressure from the pushing but he said it was fine and theres nothing to worry about?

what have i done to it and is there any fix ? thanks!
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