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Help! Help! LOL i seriously need help. please read.

My father and I were talking about my low testosterone problem and I am 29 and i told him the dr said my testosterone was 219. I told him it was attributed to my one testicle. He was stunned he said one? I said yes . He said you had 2 when you were born and during your physicals. I told him as far as I can remember I have had one and thought I was born with one. So my question is the dr. felt around on my pelvis area and felt nothing. Where did the other one go. I know 29 is odd to find out that you had 2 at birth and one now but i assumed i was born with one and didn't really feel it was nessisary to ask anyone.  Can anyone relate to this what do I do lol. It is concerning yes but i picture one as being a hobo and up and leaving to ease mytroubledmind. I am very concerned.I guess when thenurse pressed onmy pelvis and there was no painis a good thing but I was worried when he said I had 2 atbirth and during diaper changes. But ever since i became a teen i can only remember having one. Sorry my space bar is messed up a bit ty for the comment.
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