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Help! My boyfriend has a low libido

My boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years, we just bought a house together and have a very stable relationship. I have already ruled out cheating, I know he would never do that. He has had very little interest in sex for the last year or so, and I used to twist his arm to have sex with me. In January I decided I was not going to say anything more him and eventually he would want to on his own ( because I felt like I was constantly nagging and It was seriously hurting the rest of our relationship) so I said very little until April. At that point I was fit to be tied and ended up in tears. and once again we had sex, but it felt like sympathy to me. It has been another month and Nothing. I am constantly trying to initiate. Generally he will push my hand away and say not now " I'm too tired, I'm busy, I just want to relax and watch some TV" etc...  It is not doing much for my self esteem, or our relationship. I love him very much but somethings gotta give. He gets embaressed very easily and refuses to talk to a Dr.

What can I do? I am totally desperate. There is not much I havent Tried.

Oh I forgot to mention we are both 21 years old, and we both work nights (exact same work schedule, so no good excuse there)
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Well, if he won't tell you what's wrong, and if he won't see a doctor (in case the cause is a physical one), it sounds like you are going to have to learn to live in a sexless relationship if you want to be in a relationship with him.  Don't take it personally (you say "it's not doing much for my self esteem") because it doesn't sound personal.  I.e., it pretty much sounds like he doesn't want to have sex with anyone, not specifically doesn't want it with you.)   I think there are women in the world who would happily live in a sexless marriage, maybe he should be allowed to find one.  It sounds like you aren't one of those women, and you've had plenty of warning of how things are going to be if you used to have to twist his arm to have sex as long as a year ago.  Why not ask him to buy out your interest in the house, and head on and find someone who likes having sex and makes you feel all boosted up and desirable?  If you're only 21, and you don't want your sex life to be over, it doesn't sound like you have much choice.
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Sounds like ED, but it takes a women to tell us, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how your man fills, you could get him some Tribulus, its a herb that will boost his libido, testostrone and his energy, with get him on some Cayenne and some Garlic these last to will help his blood, you can google these with ED on the end, but please tell him you have been looking for help for him, it may help.
Good luck
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