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Help with diagnosis

I've already posted this question about whether or not I might have an sti. I dont think I do, my symptoms and timelines dont really fit that. (I recieved, and gave unprotected m2m oral about 8 weeks prior to the start of my symptoms) Although I do plan on getting checked next week.
I'd like to be a little more specific with my history and symptoms
My symptoms include..
1) upper inner thigh soreness. Like sore muscles
2) hip flexors tenderness, like sore muscles
3)Lower abdomen soreness.  Inside more ads almost like I need to poop.
4) lower back pain, ache.
5) pain in my pubic area above my penis ( feels deep)
These pains come and go and move. Probably a 1 or a 2 out of 10 for pain. Sometimes sitting, standing or laying down.  I've had these maybe 4-5 weeks.  I was given a blood test and urine test looking for infection.  All came back clean.  Only a slightly high psa 3.9 (last time I had this my psa was 3.8)
I have had similar symptoms 2 times before, which my dr had given me antibiotics but later told me he wasnt sure if time or the antibiotics made me better
Symptoms I do NOT have
No discharge
No urination issues
No penis or testic pain
No fever
No prostate pain when I sit in rectal area
No sore thought or cough
My new doctor said it's probably a muscle or ligament strain, I think she is wrong.   If I had to guess I'd say prostatitis? Any thoughts or help on these symptoms.  Thank you
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From your symptoms, it sounds like a hip problem.  That would radiate if pinching nerves to everywhere you mention.  Prostatitis isn't a disease, it's a description of an inflamed prostate but doesn't tell you why it's inflamed, which would be the disease state.  For example, it can be inflamed from an infection, cancer, an enlarged prostate from aging, etc.  To diagnose that, your doc should at every exam be checking it with that wonderful thing they do at every physical.  It would also show on an ultrasound.  If it's infected or the like, you would be sent to a urologist to tell you that.  If it's something you injured at some point, you would be sent to an orthopedic surgeon, who would do some manipulations of your body to see if any movement made it hurt and probably do an X-ray to check for osteo-arthritis and MRIs to check for labrum tears.  If it's the periformis muscle, that doesn't show up on any diagnostic imaging but would probably manifest more down the side of the leg with sciatica, but it can be a problem.  So if your docs rule out any disease state, you're likely headed for physical therapy.  
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