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High Prolactin Normal Testosterone BUT Low Libido+ED


I'm 33, male. Eat healthy, normal slim, etc. For a while (2-3 months) I realised a big drop in my libido. Its not completely shut down but its really very low. I have very few morning wood, maybe1 in 2 weeks, have ''not very strong'' erections, have premature ejaculation problem, mostly can't do the second time after having sex, I lose my  erection easily, lost my interest to beautiful girls :) and I'm mostly tired and have low energy.

All my life I experienced PE (with a few exceptions) but my libido was not low. So I suspected that it could be hormonal. Everything points to low T and I made some tests. Here's the results:

Total T: 534 (1 year ago it was 845 but the lab told me that they changed the method so its not healthy to compare)
Bioavailable T: 242
Free T: 9.69
Prolactin: 42.59
Cortisol: 696.37
s-TSH: 3.24
FT4: 16.30

So this means; everything looks in normal range except HIGH PROLACTIN and CORTISOL. I went to an experienced urologist and he told me that Prolactin is not that high to suspect a tumor (I don't have any headache or vision problems) and its probably because of stress.

Yes I'm a very stressful guy who think too much, hard on myself, etc. But can it really be the cause? Here's the alternative theories:

1- Prolactin is high because I stopped going to gym since 2-3 months and I'm mostly stressful about my work. So its really psychogenic.
2- Relationship problems made my Prolactin high and shut-down my libido. Again its psychogenic.
3- Some another hormone or a physical problem is raising Prolactin levels.

What do you thing? Help.
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Hello Andrew,

Actually my urologist told me that 42 for Prolactin is not super high and if it was 200 and above he would suspect a tumour. So he's mostly sure about it. And about testosterone therapy, he also told that my levels are very normal (both TT and FT) so it mostly psychogenic.

But... Of course he's not %100 sure why Prolactin is so high and he assume its because of stress (heap, I have a lot of stress).

I'll probably visit an endocrinologist to search about testosterone more... Maybe excess chronic stress makes my some vitamin values go down too much (magnesium, zinc maybe?).

If its psychogenic its not good because its not easy to fix. I don't know...
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You need to rule out pituitary tumor and I'm not sure if you have done this yet. There are medications that you can get to lower your prolactin. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is another possible option depending.
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