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Hormone levels of a 19 year old male.

Are the following hormone levels OK?

PRL 24 ug/L
Oestradiol 87 pmol/L
Total testosterone 11 nmol/L
SHBG 18 nmol/L

I ask this because I had this test requested due to feeling tired, having weak erections and no morning erections, whilst also having sleep disturbances. I am a male and aged 19, also.
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     From the readings given, your T level is more towards the lower range, with a slight increase in the prolactin level and a mid range LH and a low range FSH. In case you do not have any regular head aches and marked mental confusion, the high prolactin level may not be important. I feel your readings are typically of your age group, where one spends a lot of time in academic work combined with poor eating habits and lack of regular exercise. If you do regular, but moderate exercise and take balaced food, your T level will increase and most of your problems will vanish. You may also consider taking short term supplements to compensate for deficiencies in the food intake.

Here are two links that gives details about how to analyse low hormone test results, for your general information.



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Those numbers are low for a 19 year old.  
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Thanks for both replies. I should also note that on request of a second test, my testosterone level was 14 nmol/L. I go to the gym 3+ days a week, eat quite healthy and also get adequate sleep (but I still usually feel tired). The test was taken when I was on University break at 8am in the morning. I have started to notice more morning erections, my sleep is better - but I still have some other symptoms. I also had a CT scan done to check for a macroadenoma or microadenoma on my pituitary, but the results were negative.

Do you think I should get these tests done again in say, 6 months?
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