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Hormone test please help male 26

I am a 26 year old male overweight, but two months ago changed my lifestyle. I quit smoking, started dieting, exercising, and sleeping better. I have noticed an improvement if feeling of wellbeing, but still have some symptoms of low testosterone. A few months ago I took a blood test because I developed gynecomastia and was having some erectile dysfunction here are the results:

Dhea(NL)                          458ng/DL           Ref range142-1410
Testosterone, total (DSL)   346Ng/DL          Ref range  190-1037
Estradiol (DSL)                  32 PG/ML         None given
Cortisol                             14.8 Ug/DL        None given

I retested a month ago with a endocrinologist and here are the results:

FSH                        5.7 Miu/ml        Ref range 1.3-19.3
Lh                          3.7 Miu/ml        Ref range 1.2-8.6
Total testosterone     230 ng/dl          Ref range 190-1037
Free testosterone      51.3pg/ml         Ref range 35- 155
Shbg                       12 nmol/l         Ref range 7-49
Prolactin              15.7 ng/ml       Ref range 2.6-13.1  
Estradiol                  55 pg/ml          Ref range <207

My prolactin is out of range and my FSH and LH are a little low. The endocrinologist said there is nothing wrong and wants to retest in a month. Why are my testosterone levels so low? Does this indicate infertility? ( I have made my wife pregnant twice once was less than a year ago and she miscarried) He asked me if I have noticed a decrease in body hair and if I have any children. Is he thinking hypogonadal? With my levels would that point toward secondary and not primary? Sometimes my testes are soft not always, but they are within normal size range from what I have read. They are about a little over 2 inches each across. I have body/facial hair, male pattern baldness, penis is 4" flaccid and about 7" erect. Erections have improved, but problem has not disappeared and gynecomastia is bilateral originally unilateral. This is so depressing. Please help me.
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have you had an mri to rule out a benign tumour on the pituitary gland?
My Dr told me this is what usually causes high prolactin levels.
Low testosterone and low LH at the same time may mean secondary hypo, because if testosterone is low LH should be high as this is the hormone that tells your body to produce more testosterone and it should be increased to raise your T levels.
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The endocrinologist I am seeing keeps telling me nothing is wrong with me. He wants to retest at the end of the month to confirm and then maybe look into the pituitary more if it is still the same. I know about the lh thing, but when I told the endo that he said your testosterone is in range you are okay. From what I have gathered from other websites the prolactin would usually double or triple in the case of a pituitary tumor. So we'll see the results next month. If he still won't treat me I am going to find another doctor. I want to try something other than testosterone like clomid or hcg first.
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