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How can I find a urologist who does spermatocele aspiration with sclerotherapy

Spermatocele returns after 2X aspirations, need an option for sclerotherapy before considering surgery.
The 2 urologists that I have consulted do not do this procedure, they prefer to do surgery.

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I'd keep contacting urologists and asking and you also want to ask how many of those procedures they do regularly and why they'd recommend that over surgery.  Try not to self treat here.  Why have you decided on your own treatment plan rather than going with what doctors you have seen are recommending? Just curious. We have to be our own advocate and all but they are typically the experts.
Well, both of them did not offer any other option than surgery.
The first one was not very communicative. The second one simply does not want to do anything than surgery (other than no treatment). Since they did not do the specific treatment at all, I am afraid that their opinion will be biased.

Almost every med-related site cites the sclerotherapy as one of the option.
I also read a few papers that show it as a good alternative to surgery that I considered as a drastic option.

All of the concerns like infertility are of no issue with me.

So I am really wondering why it seems that no urolog in OR performs the procedure.

Hence this post, I would like to know if  anybody has an insight that so far has escaped me.

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