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How do I cure my ED?


I'm 32, but this sounds sad/long but then it's a long story behind my ED:

- As a teen i was fat and weird, and girls used to call me ugly, so it knocked my confidence. i didn't have much confidence then and it affected me since i thought women wouldn't like me. so when i used to wank it affected my mind and i couldn't get fully hard.

- Now i'm more confident overall, i guess life experience and i'm a man now. but then I still have this issue. but then i haven't had a GF before (another issue not going into here..) and i want to, but then this issue still comes up.

- Another thing is that i know when i'm fully erect, i am quite long/thick, and i think some women would be scared of it. i know this is something indeed to get over, since it's a boon not a negative.

- I saw a sex therapist lately, and i got a blood test to see PSA/Testosterone levels. the PSA was OK, but she said the testosterone was low. it was 4.7 np/dl, which I've read is normal per se, but she said it was too low. Is this correct?

- She gave me some testosterone meds, and i don't think there is anything physically wrong. My intuition in life is pretty strong, and i think it's psychological. Though I read here http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/444220-overview that physical tests are done first, and she seems to be following this pattern.

Am I on the right track, or does it need to change?
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