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How to I recover - ED, penis shrinkage and curvature

I seem to remember injurying my penis diuring sex in Jan 2015. I didnt think much about it at the time but a month later started to develop ED. (initially thinking it was just something temporary) Saw doctor in May when having problems having sex. I have been taking 75mg sildenafil since June 2015 on and off which has helped erections
My testosterone level was 9 which the doctor said was OK but I see from the internet that is not normal
I have been taking zinc 15mg and vit E 400iu, Vit D 1000iu for the last month (based on information from internet) which seems to be helping with ED and now regularly get morning wood but not consistently.

However at the moment I am more concerned that my penis as shrunk both when erect and facid and has deveoped curvature to the left (which I presume might be from scar tissue) that seems to be getting worse. Fortunately no pain at all with that.  

Also when flacid the penis seems almost loose (disconnected) at times. Also seem to have no support within it ie Previously if If put my finger underneath it in the middle then it would rest on my finger but now the penis just bends over it (downward) like it has no life. Seems like the "muscle" has wasted away.  When erect it wobbles from side to side which it never did before the injury. Quite concerned. Doctor doesnt seem to be doing much. I insisted on a ultrasound to look for damage but that was 2 months ago and still havent been scheduled  an appointment.

Is there anything I can do get my penis back as it was ?? ie straighter, previous size, I dont want to take hormone replacement as I have heard that it can cause other problems. I guess the reduced size, lose of "muscle" and curvature is what is worrying me the most at the moment.

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Don't bother with a General Practitioner or Primary Care Physician. Look for a specialist in Men's Health which is a GP or PCP that has studied and focuses on sexual matters.
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