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Hydrocele and underlying causes (and a couple other things)

I have a hydrocele that is currently making my testicles feel sensitive and heavy, and also slight pain occasionally. A month or so ago I had a sudden throbbing pain in my testicles (which went away pretty quickly) and it seems that the hydrocele either formed or was already there and got worse after that (I'm fairly sure the latter is the case). For a while I couldn't even get an erection due to this feeling that it would cause pain in my testicles, but it got better to a large degree and I could carefully ejaculate after that. I had an ultrasound done and all it showed was a hydrocele which is supposedly benign but that pain makes me think there is an underlying cause/pathology.

Years ago I had a similar throbbing pain, but this was when ejaculating. After that I think my testicles shrank to a certain degree, and when ejaculating I would sort of, not push past a certain point, if that makes any sense... which made it a less pleasurable orgasm (I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be a sharper sensation)... but I never tried going to a doctor back then because there was no pain in general. Only with that recent pain out of nowhere did I finally decide to go. I was tested for infections and there are none. I had a thyroid test a few years ago which came up normal. If anyone here has an idea of what the problem might be that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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