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I couldnt get an erection hard enough for penetration. Help.

I am a 24 years boy who had sex for the first time in 2 years. I was going to have sex with this girl who was really into me, but all along my d*** was semi-hard and when it got really hard it went back to being semi-hard again. I don't have any health problem that I know of, so I was really surprised. I do masturbate sometimes around let say three-five times a week. She even suggested I remove the condom if that would help but no, it didn't. She thinks viagra will help but I want to consider natural options first. I appreciate any help I get. Thanks.
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If you are interested in having continuing sexual relations with this girl, avoid all masturbation and use of pornography so that your sexual energy will build up.  Then when you meet up, your interest will hopefully lead to better erections.  Also, after two years, you may have some performance anxiety for the first time or so until you get more at ease with the situation.
Alright, I will do as advised and stop, thanks very much.
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If you put too much attention on your partner during foreplay, your brain won't receive enough arousing signals. This is what causes you to a) not get an erection b) only get a semi-hard erection c) lose your erection hardness. To stay hard and in control of ejaculation during sexual activity, you need to balance your sexual focus so your brain receives the correct balance of arousing signals.
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