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I found a couple sores used some ointment and casued really bad atrophy

The sores are just itchy little red bumps the size of a penny,so. I bought so hydrocortisone steroids,and I used it for almost two months and I didn't know I should of spaced it out and my penis atrophied really bad, and I guess the ointment. Messed with my erection so I tried not to worry thinking it'll go back to normal,seven weeks later and I finally got an erection and I'm barely three and half inches and it feels like I'm pulling on a sharpie cap, and I'm starting to get worried if have any answers please let know.
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I also really agree that you need to go to the doctor. You need to find the source of the sores, and work on the hydrocortisone issues.
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That stinks.  So, this is a long thread where someone who used hydrocortisone on their penis had a wealth of issues.  It's from a member here that also has a journal and you can chat with them.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Dermatology/Hydrocortisone-cream-1-used-on-penis-glans--Now-thinned-skin-/show/2864687  ;

I've read that while it might be helpful sometimes, using hydrocortisone on the penis directly can create issues too.  https://www.rxlist.com/hydrocortisone-side-effects-drug-center.htm  I don't really know that shrinking is on the list though.

My suggestion is to go talk to your doctor.  Most people do recover the side effects of hydrocortisone.
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