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I have a rash on the left side of my opening on my penis what is it?

Ok well i lost my virginity about 3 months ago i had unprotected sex one time but all i did was slide my penis in her but then i and her found she had clymida she got treated for it so did i so at first when this irritaion thing started to happen after loosing my Virginty i thought it was the clymida or something but like this irritation doesnt happen all the time i feel like it only happens when my penis rubs on my under wear but it only happens on one side of my penis which is the left side. Im just scared it mighy be something other than clymida i just want to know what it is but like i said before when i do get it, it usually causes itching sometimes i dont know it might be like that because my skin is dry but this been happening for the last couple months or so but i have picture of it but i dont know how to post it
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