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I have bumps on my penis

I have these tubular skin toned bumps on my shaft and crown and sometimes you can squeeze and some puss comes out. I guess they’re zits, cus im fairly young, had sex once and had them before that. They’re tubular or rectangular, and a pore on each side where the puss can come out. They’ve been prominant for almost a year. Weird I know, anyone know what this is and or how to help?
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They can also be sweat cysts.  I've had a couple of them.  Using a hot compress usually drains them.  Another possibility.
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Here's an article from a different website. (They definitely point out that they don't want you to squeeze them.) They might be "pearly penile papules," if you can believe the name.

If none of it rings a bell in particular, make an appointment to see a dermatologist.

Good luck!

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From the description, agree that this sounds like pearly papules.  Get it looked at by your doctor. They are harmless and can be left alone unless they bother you if this is what they turn out to be.  They can freeze them off (sounds painful but really not). See your doctor. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320277#treatment
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