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I have excessive hair growing on my penis shaft

I have had an increasing amount of hair grow on my penis shaft. I have been circumcised as a child, there were some complications as the penis was infected for a week or so after the op. The scrotal sack runs quite high (almost over half way) up the shaft. The shaft is covered in pronounced hair folicles which have been sprouting more hair over the last 15 years at increasing speed. For example, shaving used to leave the area smooth for days, but now not even hours.

A few years ago i took to tweezing the area every 3 weeks to maintain smoothness, but each time more would grow back so it would take longer to epilate and the time hair free woukd diminish. Now plucking would take several hours and would leave area free for only a few days. I have allowed the hair to grow out for months to ensure i am on the same growth cycle. It grows back too fast to maintain. It leaves the area painful for both partners during intercourse.

About 10 years ago i used retin a cream on and off on the area to cosmetically treat the appearence of the fordyce spots (hair glands) on penis.

I have tried home IPL treatmeants on the penile shaft for 6 months to no effect. Could it be an excess of shaving / tweezing stimulating growth? Running out of options on how to deal with this
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How's it going now Savall?  That hair is new?
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Having hair on your shaft is normal.

If you have seen an increase in your body hair generally, and you have already gone through puberty, you might want to have your doctor check your hormone levels.

Here are some hair removal tips - https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/hairy-penis

Were you prescribed Retin A for the Fordyce Spots? Those are oil glands, by the way, not hair glands, or hair follicles. Have you seen a dermatologist about any of this? There may be some treatments they can do that have more permanence and less chance of scarring or side effects.
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Yeah I think some have hair, but mine is thick almost a full bushed growth up 3/4s of the shaft. And then more again right at the tip.

I was prescribed retin-a as it was used to diminish the look of the fordyce spots. I have not seen one in regards to the increase  hair growth.

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