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I m suffering from a serious problem

Hi, I m a male of 26 yrs old. I started doing masterbate since the age of about 17. I did excessive masterbate 4-5 times a week. then my health broke down completely and I got nightmares too. about 5 yrs before I started doing physical exercise. and for about last 3 yrs, gradually I have been loosing my sexual powers. like I m loosing all my desires too. now my penie is very weak, and I feel that it has lost its size also. and ejacuation happens very quickly. mostly I m loosing my sexual desires. I m really in a great mental depression about this. plz give me some suggestions and medical advice whether it is solvable or not. hoping ur cooperations.
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Go see a urologist.
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im 16 and been masterbating since i was about 13 or 14 now im having brown markings on the top of the head of my penis and it looks like a birthmark =/ idk what is is ='/
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just wondering if you take or took steroids....i think steroids can cause some of those problems...u should def. see a dr. if it is causing u to be depressed.  
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Your Ejaculation problem may be to to much use or to little. uhmm a method of preventing that is when close to ejaculating stop for a few moments or tug downwards lightly on scrotum (testicles) by wrapping hand around the area above the testicles .
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