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I'm having trouble down there looking for answers or advice.

So approximately three months ago my girlfriend and I's unprotected sex began causing her some discomfort and left a dry feeling.  A few weeks later she was feeling under the weather and I seemed to get her cold from her. That week we had sex and also both developed a yeast infection (this is what her doc told her, she visited the gyno did blood tests and urine samples, a full physical). Her treatment seemed to do just fine for her after a week, I tried many creams (canestin, and hydrocortizone creams and a diflucan pill) but nothing seemed to help much so I visited my doctor and got some prescription strength clotrimazole mixed with hydrocortizone. I tried this for about 5 days and the skin reacted poorly to it, the signs of a yeast infection were gone (the shiny, itchy, leathery skin on my scrotum) but now the skin was very red and burned slightly. I discontinued that treatment which took care of the burning and revisited the doctor the next week and let her know. She looked at it a decided it didn't look out of the ordinary, just some redness on the scrotum and I was given some Lamisil but was also urine tested for Gonorrhea and Clamydia and perhaps other STD's (came back negative). The Lamisil helped so I stopped after a a week and have just been keeping the area clean and dry but now its been two months and my scrotum is still slightly red and I have noticed in the last several weeks that my left nut has a hard feeling epididymis. My girlfriend and I did not have sex for two months and her problems cleared up completely, a few days ago both of our genitals were feeling fine and we tried another go at it, twice. The next day her's felt completely dry, tender and uncomfortable (perhaps because we had very rough sex twice within 3 hours).

Does anybody know what this could possibly be? At this point my scrotum is still slightly red, only on each testicle not in the middle. Does not itch or burn but I feel the hard upper thing on my left nut still but its not sore. On a side note I have been passing pretty painful bowel movements this entire time (blood occaisonally but has stopped recently) She seems to have vaginal discomfort but only when we have sex.
Her tests (urine and blood from a month and a half ago) came back all negative and I am scheduled to do a blood test.
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Am I just becoming a hypochondriac? Could this be stress related? (me and my girlfriend have both be under immense stress lately) Could it just be that her parts have become sensitive to rough sex? (she is very petite) Or could this be something serious we have passed between each other that a physical exam and urine tests wouldn't find?
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