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I’m worried about my penis

I’m 13 and when ever I masterbate AfterI become soft my penis becomes baggy and very small way smaller than normal average pp size soft 2 inches 5inches hard
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So, I guess what I would want to know is what it looks like a hour later?  By that time it has recovered from the beating you gave it.  I am on quite a few websites and the people on them are worried about the size of their junk. Don't worry so much about your penis. It really doesn't start growing until you reach puberty and that grow until approximately 18 years old. Honestly a piece of advice that every kid is given and they ignore is, you just worry about being a kid.  That's actually really great advice.  Don't worry about grown up stuff until you have no choice. Here is the link to a really great web site that talks a lot about the ages you can expect certain things by.  Let me know if you don't find them helpful or if you did find it helpful  and I will recommend it to all the guys who are curious. You should know that almost every boy is very concerned about the size of their penis. This is because they are comparing themselves to porn stars who are only porn stars because they are either hung like a horse or because they have really long stamina.
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you are just 13 man don't worry about your penis too much it's normal when you give it beating it's natural so don't stress and you will grow up and everything seems to be normal then so don't stress at all.
thanks and have a nice day.
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