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Does anyone have treatment suggestions for impotency due to poor circulation?
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Here is some information I pulled out:

"Quitting smoking and losing weight are some of the best long term approaches to improve circulation and also can reduce the risk of potentially serious health consequences such as strokes and heart attacks. And, increasing exercise will not only add to weight loss efforts, but engaging the secondary blood pumping action of the muscles can add a boost to the body’s blood pumping efforts. And, while there are no penis specific circulation exercises to speak of, there are some that can be used on problematic areas of the body such as the lower extremities that can be useful for the circulatory function of the entire body.

Leg circles, ankle pumps and walking on the tip toes are all simple exercises that can be performed throughout the day in order to improve circulation and are especially useful for people with occupations that limit physical activity. And, there are also dietary supplements to improve circulation to consider as well. Cayenne, parsley and horse chestnut are all touted for their ability to promote healthy blood flow and supplements containing these, if approved by a health care provider, can be beneficial to overall circulation as well as reducing the recurrence of erectile dysfunction. Dietary changes can also be included that can incorporate more blood pumping beneficial edibles like dark, leafy greens and oranges that help to improve circulation:

Source: http://poorcirculation.net/poor-circulation-contribute-to-erectile-dysfunction/
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