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Irritated pee hole and purple corona leading into glans

What do I have? I have a red/irritated meatus right under my pee hole. I am circumcised. I went to urgent care for UTI test and it was negative. After 2 weeks I noticed my corona was turning purple leading I to my glans on my penis. The under side is a blueish gray color. Idk if it was always like this or I just became hyper aware since the irritation, but I really DO NOT recall the discoloration. Although this terrifies me, I am glad that it doesn't go numbe or lose sensitivity..i get erections perfectly fine, and am currently away from my gf so i am not sexually active. I was advised to go to the ER and I did. They performed an ultrasound on my oenis and testicles. They checked vein flow, structural damage, and for blood clots...they said my penis is perfectly healthy. They did find a small common 11mm epidermal cysts on my left hydroelectric. I don't know of this would be the cause but I doubt it. Also, my glucose levels came back at 118 mg/dl...on the laboratory results show 60-100 as normal..I looked it up and according to that, I may be pre diabetic. I am currently waiting for the VA to make me an appointment with my primary care provider to co duct a fasting test. Idk if maybe this could be the cause. Also, my lab results came back negative for any type of infection. Im not sure if this tested for a possible fungal infection or not. Any help, tips, or advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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You mention all these tests, but you don't mention what any of these doctors think about the irritated spot. Did any of them actually look at it? Do they see what you see?
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Knew I was forgetting something lol.so..I also had small trace amount of blood in my urine which the Doc said is due to irritation. It was frustrating because they didn't say anything about it.. it didn't look as bad as usual at the ER but absolutelystl red/irritated..it looks worse first thing in the AM, when I pee, have an erection or ejaculate. They recommended I follow up with a urologist but I can't without my primary care provider from the VA referring me. I'm moving in a month so I doubt I will be seen before then..and I'll have to get established in the health-care ystem there...it'll be atleast 2-3 months before I'm seen.  I wasn't sure if I could post pics here...I did on patient info website but nobody commented
Also, when I ejaculate or urinate, I feel a slight restricted feeling. Also on and off slight pain/discomfort in my urethra. The color change is what's really stressing me out...but so is the irritated peehole cause it's been like a month
So what did the doctors say about the irritation? What did they think about it? Did they see it?

I wonder if they are referring you to a urologist because they think you have prostatitis or something. Can you call your primary doc and ask them to speed up the referral since you're moving?
So he didn't know what the irritation was. He spread my pee hole and didn't say anything. He said that I did have blood in my urine..can't see it with the eye though. He also said something about my symptoms and how i am too young to have prostate problems...although im 33 and lnow of someonewho had prostatecsncer at 31... I called today and they said no..Its frustrating..VA is the only healthcare I have and I GUARANTEE I will NOT be seen before moving at the end of the month... and anytime i move, I have to registeragain with the VA Healthcare there and start the process all over again. I also posted on another community site and someone said maybe I have a fungal infection.. The color change of my glans is what really scared me.. literally the entire head of my penis changes colors except for 1 Lil island which is the normal pinkish/red color....also...when I get even the slightest chub/erection...the color goes back to normal. But yea he didn't diagnose my color change or irritation even when I asked about it..I thought the irritation would go away on its own but it hasn't. I will admit though...it's not super bad or gnarly looking just a Lil swollen and red but it's Def not normal
I can't find any pictures online with a glans remotely the same as mine. I did find irritated meatus pics that resembled mine almost to the tee and they were diagnosed with meatitis. But I'm not a doctor lol
We've had loads of men on our site with prostate issues at your age, even younger.

What happens if you go to a doc on your own? Do you just have to self pay?

I'm sorry - it must be really frustrating.
I agree...after I left the ER I was like, "Hold up..wtf?!?! There is no age limit on health issues." So I was a Lil pissed...also, according to lab results my glucose levels are 18 higher than "normal" on their charts and he didn't say anything about me following up for a fasting test...I had to call back and question it and only then I was told to talk to my primary care... my mom's mom has type 2 and dad's dad had type 2..

Yep...unfortunately if I go on my own, I have to pay..it's annoying. I can go to any ER as much as I want as long as I call and tell the VA within 72 hours...why not specialists?? Health ain't no joke..and I really am frustrated/angry right now. I suffer from anxiety and this is really really getting to me lol.  If I wasn't moving I would just pay but I need every bit of fmoney I have saved...plus, I should NOT have to pay put of pocket... all I have to do now is wait.

Also, my left testicle felt tight lastnight and started hurting...kinda felt like it was a mixture between my lower back/testicle...idk of that correlates woth any prostate symptoms.

I greatly appreciate you commenting!! Honestly makes me feel better knowing it coukd very well be prostatitis or some other prostate issue.. cause not kowing or having anything to look into really stresses me out haha.
Well, maybe you're moving somewhere with more access to care? Better care?

We have a urology forum with post after post from men who are not "old" who have prostatitis. One thing I've learned from reading all their posts is that caffeine irritates it if it's chronic. If you drink a lot of caffeine, try cutting back.

Our urology forum - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Urology/show/52

There are different types of prostatitis -



If you get a fever, have any discharge, have any erection issues, or your pain gets worse, call your primary immediately.

I don't know if it's prostatitis. The shame of it is that some pretty simple tests could tell you if it is or not. :(
Yep! So I'm moving to FL. Sucks cause veterans affairs requires any veteran to re-enroll in the health care system where you move.. but I called yesterday and they told me about Traveling Vet coordinators.. so imma try that.. but it sucks cause this is stressing me out. Do you know if via lab results blood/urine, do they automatically test for fungal infections?? Doc said I don't have any infections but was thinking more along the lines of a UTI. Cause my peehole is the exact same..red/irritated/swollen and sore of ot rubs. Thank you! I've been trying to find a urologist community to post my problems!!!
Oh FL. I'm not sure whether to congratulate you or not lol. I live there, and we have some great health care in the bigger cities but I don't know about the VA.

A urine test won't look for a fungus. Mostly, fungal infections are on the skin. Have you tried any antifungal creams?
I grew up there!! Lol.
On an AFB haha. So, I just read your prior post....I drink a 300 mg bang energy drink EVERY SINGLE DAY..
I knew...KNEW that it'd POSSIBLY come back to bite me lol. Yep..I have absolutely ZERO fungal symptoms on pr around that area..Def not a yeast infection.. yea, VA is awesome minus the availability sometimes..there are thousands of vets just like me seeking help lol...so I understand
Also, do you have any ideas as to why the red/Irritated meatus/pee hole is there?? Or also the blue/purple/gray color change of the head of my penis?? Or are thos associated with prostatitis??
Well...noticed lastnight but wasn't sure...my urine is cloudy and smells bad..like it smells extremely strong
So, I drank some water and the cloudiness and smell went away.. weird cause I have never had cloudy or foul smelling urine before. After I did, I looked up prostatitis symptoms and saw that is one... I don't have any back pain or really pain anywhere else..just a slightly irritated pee hole and urethra..could prostatitis go asymptomatic for the most part?? I'm starting to get a little annoyed at the fact I can't be seen...saw sepsis is a possibility if it goes untreated.. I posted in a veterans group to see what options I have so hopefully I'll hear something..of it ain't prostatitis..I wanna know wtf it is already because it's not going away
The color change isn't associated with prostatitis, but the irritated tip is definitely.

Sepsis can happen with prostatitis if it's bacterial - yours may not be. That's why I said if you get a fever to go to the ER immediately. There are non-bacterial types, too.

So one can of Bang has 300 mg of caffeine, which is 2 cups of coffee. Do you also drink coffee? Sodas? If you do, cut back slowly. The caffeine withdrawal headaches are HELL.

And definitely make sure you are drinking enough water. Cloudy urine is a sign of dehydration, too.

Every man has slightly different symptoms with prostatitis, and a lot depends on the cause. Some men have more pain or pressure than others, some have more ED than others, etc.

I hope you get some answers soon, or at least relief.
Yep!! I don't drink any coffee or soda at all. Only water and the 1..maybe 2 bangs a day.. I'll drink 2 every now and then but like 10-12 hours apart.. I do take kratom too. Yea, I called ky local urologist thinking it would be like 150-200 but $350 for a first time patient...I'm just gonna relax and wait until I get seen because I'm in no pain whatsoever..I do jave an uncomfortable feeling in between my testicles and booty though..kinda like it's being pinched slightly.. Luckily I don't have any ED problems. Yep! The cloudy urine was from dehydration!! I've been drinking alot more water and it's gone! I'm hoping if it is prostatitis that it's not bacterial lol.... how do you get bacterial prostatitis?? Also, yea...I tried searching for irritation of the peehole and prostatitis but couldn't find it..also searched for the color change... the color change isn't super super gnarly but definitely noticeable...this is super stressful lol..I'd rather jave financial stress than health stress
Wow $350?

I can't find much of anything for kratom and prostate issues, except some questions on reddit where others are asking if there's a connection, so maybe there is. It's tentative at best.

Other meds can cause prostate enlargement, though. Are you on any other meds?

Bacterial prostatitis most often happens when urine flows backwards from the urethra into the prostate. Sometimes, it's an STD, but most of the time it isn't.

If you've had any testing done, like a cystoscopy, or a catheter, that can increase your risk.

Sometimes it happens with a UTI, and sometimes it just happens.

I did find this - https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320963

Purple can indicate infection. Blue can indicate bruising.

Oh wow.. yea, I've been taking kratom for like 3ish years... only recently I got paranoid using it because there is no known long term side effects, it's not approved by the FDA(doesn't mean much), and does get a negative rep..but big pharma is trying to make it illegal because people literally replace pain pills for kratom.. so idk.. but it's unknown effects scare me and I've been thinking about quitting but it's addictive and I'm a Lil scared to quit.. yea, it's still ******* red and my head only turns purple on the topside and the underside is blueish gray..but only when I stand up which is weird..it goes away when sitting or laying down. Oh wow!!!! I had absolutely no idea that urinary tract and prostate were connected like that... I should have known though..always thought the prostate was just in the booty bahaha. I have never had any testing done..I did get Q-tipped once for a possible STD but came back negative.. it was a possible stomach infection..but never took meds and went away on its own.. yea 350 is ridiculous..I'm scared and stressed..I'm a ******* HYPOCHONDRIAC lol..suffer from anxiety so it doesn't make it any better.. this entire thing has spiraled me into a frenzy.. every little ache and pain I think something is wrong but deep down I know I'm OK.. I GREATLY appreciate your responses and I'm about to check that link out right now!!
So, I read that article when it first happened lol! I honestly think the color change is in fact bloodflow..because it only happens when I stand completely still
When you said it happens when you stand still, I thought bloodflow, too. Do you notice it on your legs, too?

I'm not sure I'm helping much, but you're welcome. I wish I could do more. :)
Oh you have no idea how much you're helping lol. It's comforting to speak to someone about this.. I jave friends and family and my gf but they don't really have anything to say other than words of encouragement..which I absolutely appreciate!! Yes I do notice it in my legs!!!!! I have been prone to cold feet my entire life.. I feel this flushed feeling when standing still and am aware.. when I became aware I thought maybe I am pre-diabetic lol..cause according to the hospitals discharge papers scale I'm 18 mg over at 118 but need to do a fasting test with my primary care provider to know for sure...with the color change, it doesn't go numb so that is encouraging lol.
So maybe this is a circulation problem in your lower extremities and not a penis problem?

Do the fasting test. It's just not eating after midnight, getting up in the morning and going for blood work, I think. You can get in to your primary, right?

Also, look up something called Raynaud's Syndrome. I don't think it fits exactly, but maybe?
I am absolutely going to look ot up!! So..that's the entire pickle I'm in.. i jad a primary care provider I'm 2019 and missed ky follow up due to covid and didn't go back out of fear and was stupid thinking..ahhh it can wait.. then I forgot..I'm waiting on an appointment for a PCM so they can refer me to a urologist... it's annoying too cause my semen has a yellow gue to it.... obviously I looked it up and saw it could possibly be linked to prostate problems or maybe in my case prostatitis... I have had yellow semen before but only when I didn't ejaculate for awhile... this was the 2nd time in 12 hours so it should be the regular cloudy white..... I don't have any pain symptoms associated with prostatitis though...just the irritated meatus and that's it...I just want to be seen already lol.. since ky semester ended I don't do **** but sit around and overthink lol
Wow you have to do a lot of waiting. Have you told them your symptoms?

Yes, yellow semen can be due to abstinence, an infection (STD or UTI), prostate issues, or urine in the semen.

I don't think anything you have is urgent, as in you need to be seen today or tomorrow, but it's awful that you can't be seen soon. :(
I have told them..this is literally the VAs only flaw lol..it is my fault too though..I should have stayed don top of my yearly check ups...but even of I would have... I'd still be waiting cause this happened right before my move...wish the VA Healthcare system were all connected instead of me having to enroll in a new system.. yea, I don't think it's urgent either..if I do get a fever, or any type of pain that isn't normal body aches, I'm going straight back to the ER lol. Also yep..I looked up why it's yellow and saw prostate problems..doc mentioned it you mentioned it, and my symptoms seem to be lining up there as well..I had no idea the red irritated spot was linked until you said something and I looked it up...it's still red and irritated and Sligh swollen.. almost a month now
I'm sorry. I wish there was more we could do. :(
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