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Irritation in urithra and near genitals

I have had a slight itch or irritation in my urethra that has come and gone for about 12 weeks now after a brief unprotected sexual encounter. It will be mildly noticeable for a day or two then gone for a day or two and then return etc. etc.  No irritation during urination except when my urine is dark from dehydration, but nothing too noticeable.  I have also noticed thin milky white discharge immediately preceding ejaculation.  Which I don’t remember encountering prior to this last month. I have also had a slight rash and irritation in the crease between my thigh and genitals. No lesions or raised bumps just a slight redness. It stings more than it is itchy but also is quite mild and irritation comes and goes though the redness lingers.  This has occurred twice in the last 3 weeks both have occurred after sweating heavily. The first time it cleared up after a few days maybe a week. I was using antifungal shampoo to help it along.  I have tested negative twice for all STIs on a ten panel test (hiv 1, hiv2, hsv 1, hsv 2,  syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis a, b, c,) and also negative for trichomoniasis. These test were conducted 4 weeks and 9 weeks after exposure. I was also tested for a urinary track infection at 5 weeks which can back all clear.  Any suggestions what this could be?
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Very similar issue for me. The sensation has turned more painful over time. All tests are negative as well just like the original poster. Urologist said it was prostatitis but antibiotics didn’t resolve the issue. Would love to see a response from someone with more insight. Thank you.  
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