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Is Constant peeing a bad sign /UTI or STD

So I received Head and had intercourse with a girl I’ve been talking to and that was on the 27 of April and when I ejaculated it was a sharp pain after the I rubbed it off . When I got home there was blood in my urethra that I peed out that same night but after that me pee was back to normal . Long story short a few days maybe four I’d say  I been having to pee constantly every 30 min or so and it’s still going on I been checking 4 discharge but there’s none and it doesn’t hurt to pee my pee is super clear . But after there’s like a sharp pain in my urethra that comes in goes I asked the girl was she sure she doesn’t have any stds and shes says she’s super confident she doesn’t but ima go check and I get tested on the 8th of May /booked an apt .She said I may have a UTI but wouldn’t she have to be infected for me to have a UTI obviously after 4-5 days has passed I need answers and thank you .
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You do sound to have symptoms of a uti.  This could happen if you got fecal matter during the encounter in your urethra.  I'd go get tested for that as it is treated with antibiotics. You can tell the doctor about the encounter or not as all guys can get a uti.  Explain your symptoms.  You pee in a cup and they test it. Otherwise, you can get tested for an std on May 8th as planned. Here's a full run down on symptoms for men for a uti. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/urinary-tract-infection/symptoms-causes/syc-20353447

Was the intercourse unprotected?
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Yes it was unprotected , The  girl was super confident that she doesn’t have any stds when I explained my symptoms to her a few days after the fact so ima just take matters in my own hands and find out but as far as discharge /painful pee or anything that hasn’t happened since . And what’s fecal matter ?
What's fecal matter.  Fecal is feces. You know, poop.  You touch, finger down in that area or put your penis near her anus and fecal matter (poop) which contains bacteria can enter you urethra. Symptoms would not show up for as early as two days after.  If you had immediate symptoms, that's not related. Anyway, read the symptoms of uti and if those are still happening, go to your doctor.  Go ahead and test for std's if it gives you peace of mind but leave the girl alone.  It's not cool to have sex with someone and then bug them about whether they have an std.  You chose to have sex with them unprotected.  So, you asked her and now just go get tested.  Done.  Wear a condom next time so you don't have to worry.   good luck
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