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Is My Outie A Hernia?

I gained a lot of weight about 15-20 years ago, and at some point - I don't recall when- my belly button became an outie. Sometimes it goes soft on its own, but for the most part it is solid. Nothing extreme, but definitely noticeable.

Well, I was told by someone that it was a hernia. Ok. I thought hernias were painful and had noticeable side effects. I feel no pain To be honest, it has been purely a visual issue.

I've had this for at least nine to ten years, but I'm certain it was longer. I simply thought it was my belly button protruding simply because I had gained so much weight. It being a hernia never crossed my mind.
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It could be an umbilical hernia.  Those usually happen in infants  but adults have this especially if they gain weight or are obese.  They may be sore from time to time but usually don't have many symptoms.  Tell your doctor about it at your last physical as they can have complications of strangulation. This would be happening if it all of a sudden became very  painful.  
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You said it could be. Does that mean it could be something else? If it is a umbilical hernia, why does it go away sometimes?
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Someone can't really tell you for sure this is what is going on from an internet conversation.  It has to be examined.  I'd guess it likely is though.  You mentioned the risk factor that makes it appear most often in adults. It could simply be fat distribution there from your weight gain.  But you need to determine which it is as hernias often need surgical repair. They don't go away on their own and can get worse.  So, I don't know if you definitely have one but would say it is a definite possibility and you should find out for sure from your doctor.  Do you have a general practitioner that you see?
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Hernias are often "reducible" meaning the outpouching can come and go.  Normally when there is weight gain due to fat, the belly button becomes more of an inny - not an outie.  You should have a doc  (preferably a surgeon) look at this.  Umbilical hernias have a risk of intestine working its way into it which can have serious complications.  
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