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Is it normal for a guy to tuck his penis when sitting down?

So sometimes I’ll go to touch my boyfriend’s penis to initiate Arousal and he’ll say “I’m sitting on it, I tucked it”. The first couple of times I didn’t pay it any kind but it’s now seeming to be more of a habit for him. I’ve never heard of a guy tucking their penis outside of a homosexual man. I don’t think he’s gay because of it it’s just a little different for me. Has anyone heard of this?? (Men) do you do this or know the reasoning behind it?
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Eh, it's just his preference.  I think this is a good opportunity for an interesting conversation.  Ask him what? When it started?  What prompts his continuing to do it?  See how he answers.  I mean, maybe his mom made him do it when he was little.  And it's a habit now.  So, chat him up about it.  Could be a good time to get to know each other even better!
We talked about why he does it in the morning which was because of his female family members in the home and he would wake up with an erection but to continuously sit on your penis is something I’ve never heard of. Why would a man want to sit on his penis or have it tucked?
Well, he told you one reason why.  He was shamed when younger for morning wood and started to do it then.  Now it's a habit.  Try not to over analyze it.
I’m trying not to over analyze it, but I don’t see a relation between tucking an erection in the morning to constantly tucking your penis. I’m sure no man has an erection every time it calls for them to be seated. I just don’t see how morning wood projected into a constant habit of tucking it
Sounds just like a habit and not anything to really worry about.  If he tucked as a kid, he tucks now.  Habits develop.  Not a big deal.  This seems like a big deal to you or like it is bothering you.  And if you have concerns about his doing it, talk to him about it.  I don't think it is a big deal and he's not the only guy who does it.  A little weird?  maybe. But we all have our quirks.  There's really no magic insight anyone can give you as every human being is different with different experiences.  So, you need to work on communicating with him or letting this go if it bugs you.  
I don't think this means anything. What makes a man gay is if he is attracted to and prefers to have sex with men and not women. It has nothing to do with how he handles his penis. Gay men aren't ashamed of their penises or anything, or tuck it as a rule.  

And tucking erections doesn't have anything to do with drag queens, or anything else you might be thinking. Drag queens aren't even all gay.

He shared something really personal with you. He was shamed about his penis as a child. Don't shame him as an adult. Just let him be. It doesn't matter if you see a relation to it or not. It's just what he does. Just love him for who he is, or be kind enough to let him go.
I’m very aware with what defines a gay man which is why I SPECIFICALLY ruled out that mentality as explained in my first response. I explained that the only reason that I PERSONALLY know of a man tucking their penis being more common was with gay men (this is also not stating that ALL gay men do this either).  No one is shaming him. Being curious and shameful are two different things. I asked and preferred a males response to see if it was a more common act. And never was he ever ashamed of his penis. I’m sure no teen boy would feel comfortable walking through the halls of his family home with his mother and sister present with an erection, its more of a respect move because he proudly unveils his erection with me. I’ll take GuitarRox’s advice and not look too much into it and have better communication in my relationship. Thanks but no thanks for jumping to various conclusions
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The part where you say that sometimes you go to touch your boyfriend's penis "to initiate arousal" -- maybe he wants to get an erection with his own timing as erotic events unfold between you, instead of having you cause him to get one.
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