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Is my penis permanently damaged?

I am a 32 year old, circumcised male. When I was 28, I was taking an asthma medication called primatene. I tried to masturbate later that night. I noticed it was difficult to maintain an erection. The orgasm was dull and sensation-less. Ever since then, I have had dull orgasms with little feeling. I have difficulty getting and maintaining erections. On dates, my penis leaks out what I assume is pre-ejaculate in larger quantities than is normal. I can still have an erection, but there is really no point. I don't enjoy it, orgasm has little feeling. It lacks that tight feeling I used to get. I get a similar, but painful version of the tight feeling sometimes after the gym and preworkout, so I assume it has something to do with NO3, but it just feels like something is broken.  I do not know if there is internal scarring, or if something has been stretched out, but something is seriously wrong. I have gone completely abstinent in hopes that if I just stop messing with it, and if I cut out sexual stimulation, something can be fixed. If you can help me, I would be delighted. My physician told me not to worry about it a few years back, but I think that was bad advice. I have recently met a wonderful woman, and I want to marry her. I would like to at least have some hope that I can get back to an enjoyable sex life. Thank You.
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So have you been to a doctor since the one told you not to worry about it a few years ago?

Find a new doctor. Something is clearly happening, though what, I can't tell you. I couldn't find anything about Primatene causing sexual dysfunction, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It could also be a total coincidence and something else is causing it, like a hormone level is out of whack, or something is up with your prostate. There are lots of tests that can be done to determine if it's hormonal or something physical that is causing this.

Go to a urologist. Don't worry about long-term, just go and get checked, and go from there. Let us know what happens. You deserve to have a wonderful sex life with your love.
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Thank you. I will go see a urologist. I just need a referral. I still see the same doctor.
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You still take the medication?  If not, this would not make sense that you'd have issues still from having once taken it long ago.  I would get checked by a good urologist for any issues and if given the all clear, remember that sometimes issues can be psychological.  Our sexual health is very tied to this.  Do you get morning erections?  Scar tissue usually causes a bend to the penis. And that usually happens due to injury.  Also, when I look at that medication and its side effect profile, I don't notice sexual side effects on the list.  

And when a couple loves each other, they can please each other in many ways.  You are worrying a good deal which may be compounding the problem.  

See a urologist for a full work up and let us know what they say.
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I no longer take it, but I have seen some people say that it caused them sexual problems. I think I may have scarred it. I hope that I can fix it. I will see a urologist. I have a really hard time talking about this.
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It's not easy to talk about, I'm sure. You're doing great talking about it here, though. :)

Remember that to your doctor, your penis is the same as your elbow or ear. To you, it's very different. To doctors, it isn't.

Keep us posted. :)
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