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Is this a herp sore?

So I noticed a small bump on the underside of my shaft about a week ago it was pimple sized. A minimal pimple size but noticeable to me. When I inspected it I came to the conclusion that it was an ingrown hair because I noticed 1 long hair coming out the side of the bump and I do have a problem with shaving bumps but only on my face and neck region. I have only had 1 account of an ingrown here on my pelvis region ever. So anyway after a protected sexual encounter I noticed that the bump got considerably larger in size like it was a full pimple size BUT i was still semi erect  and I continued to assume its possibly an ingrown hair and the bump is only bigger because I have a hard on..but i've never shaved the underside of my shaft...After unprotected sex last night I inspected the bump this afternoon while flaccid and it was smaller this time but it had a very thin scab over it as if it had leaked something and dried. Fiddling around with it tonight it started to bleed a little like very small single drops of blood out of the hole where one hair is coming out of and out the head of the bump. I proceeded to press this pimple looking bump and pus colored liquid came out and then what seemed to be a core. It bled like a popped pimple would thereafter and I cleaned it with alcohol and put anti bacterial ointment on it. Help :/

*note* the day after unprotected I had a slight headache, and was feeling tired but I was drunk that night so wasnt sure if that was a slight hangover or what. I also had the blue balls feeling but even after masturbating I still felt a little pressure in my sack. The headache/hangover feeling is no longer present.
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