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Itching at tip of penis

I made a serious judgement error and had protected oral sex and unprotected breast sex "tit-f**king" with a so-called professional. A condom was used for the oral sex, along with hand manipulation with and without the condom on. Before and after the oral sex, I engaged in tit-f**king with common hand lotion used as a lubricant. I had a guilt-attack and ended this session after about 10 minutes. I did not ejaculate. After the encounter, I went to the restroom and showered and liberally washed the area with soap, and also urinated. The next day I started noticing a slight discomfort and itching at the tip of my penis. The discomfort seems to be centered about 1cm inside the urethra, and the itching is near the tip at the opening of the urethra. It is now about 48 hrs and I still have the itching sensation occasionally (sever times an hour) although the interior discomfort seems to be going away. The day after, I took approx. 750mg of penicyllin that was in the medicine cabinet, over the course of several hours. I have also been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice, thinking I might just have a UTI from the soap and/or hand lotion. But I am concerned over my risk of exposure to an STD. I am afraid to have sex without risking exposing my normal lady partner to something I may have picked up from this indescretion.

How likely is my risk of exposure to various STD's?
What would explain my symptoms (itching primarily)?
Should I get tested for STD's?
Since it is only about 2 days since the encounter, when should I get tested for which STD's?
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You should post this on the STD forum, but you probably got soap inside a little and the pain and irritation is most likely a result of that.  Since you were washing the area probably more vigorously than you usually do, that could definitely cause irritation.  I'm no doctor, but your exposure sounds extremely low risk and I don't think you should be worried about an STD.
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Don't be visiting prostitutes. If you can't get sex, jerk it off.
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