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Itchy balls and groin

Hi there, i'm a 13 year old boy and recently my testicles have been pretty itchy. At my balls, i see a few small bumps which happen to be where it is itchy. My groin also has these lumps but you cant really feel them. It also happens to itch when i sit down (wearing pants, not in the bathroom) so is it related to friction or is it jock itch because I also am an athlete that sweats ALOT! I am also scared if it is scabies (because it also itches at night) as it would be kinda embarrassing. I also found some small black-ish indents beneath the tip of the penis. Is this due to too much scratching or is it because hair is growing due to the fact that I havent reached puberty yet. After I shower with soap at night, the itching goes away which allows me to sleep peacefully.Please help! And is there an ointment i could buy at a pharmacy which relieves the irritation of itching? I just want a bit of speculation before i go see the doctor about this.
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I also live in a humid country, Malaysia to be exact so it could be jock itch???

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