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Hey guys, for th past 5 or so days I have had itching down the side of my penis, and what seems to look like tissue paper around the base of the penile head and under the skin, I'm quite certain this isn't a STD, but would like to know some sort of feedback before I see a GP. I can wash this white tissue papery substance off, it is just frustrating, cheers
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this is signs of a yiest infection. the substance is like a cottege cheese effect around the penis head. u can get a over the counter medicen canesten to cure it but it can take over a week.

as with anything you should see your GP for more advice  , as even a yeist infection could be signs of somethign else.
you can also pass this onto your partner or recive it, sometimes caused by too much alcholol , or yeist products.
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How can I start treating this at home before I see my GP? thanks
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Hi, The substance could also be smegma which can accumilate under the foreskin. If this is the case it should just wash off.
In the case of a yeast infection, you can also come down with this after the use of antibiotics. I come down with UTI and kidney infections quite often and get treated with antibiotics for this. As a result I end up with a yeast infection.
As fakez mentioned it is possible to pass this between sexual partners. You should not engage into any sexual activity untill the yeast infection has cleared. It is very important that both partners are treated at the same time.
yeast can be difficult to get rid off, I have had infections that lasted over a month.
Do not stop using Canesten or Monistat as soon as you feel some relief as the infection can return. Use it at least for over a week.
Ensure that you retract your foreskin and cover the exposed surface. Reposition the foreskin and cover the entire outer surface of the penis. Try to keep the foreskin and glans as dry as possible, yeast thrives in moist conditions. Retract the foreskin while uirnating and dry the penis with paper after urination.

All the best.

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