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Kidney Stones

My husband is currently passing a kidney stone. Aside from the narcotics and the doctors telling him to drink plenty of fluids is there anything out there that helped you pass the stone easier? I don't like seeing him in this much pain. We have been to the hospital 3 times and they just keep sending him home!
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my heart goes out to him they say the pain when passing stones is like giving birth,
my boyfrind suffers from kidney stones ive seen him in such bad pain that he cant move and his urine the colour of cranberry juice,
i know your proberly sick of being told the same thing but while hes actually passing a stone  all he can do is take plenty of painkillers and drink loads of water to flush the stone out easier,
my boyfriend had lipotripsy which sends  shock waves to the kidneys  what basically crumbles the stone to help them pass easier,take care and good luck xx
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I have had a kidney stone attack before and it was horrible.  I threw up on the way to the hospital because the pain got so high fand had the shakes and could not stop until they gave me morphine.  From the way I understand it.......The real pain is when the stone is going from the kidney to the bladder.  It rips its way down some tubes and causes all the pain.  Once the stone is in the bladder.....it didnt hurt me that much to pee it out, which happened 2 or 3 days after the attack.  Tell him to drink plenty of fluids (water or beer) my doc actually told me beer was a good idea because you will pee more often and you might be drunk by the time you pee it out.  He might be having more than one stone come down from the kidney and thats why you are going back to the hospital.  Peeing out the stone didnt hurt much compared to the extreme pain of the stone traveling out of the kidney itself.

Also, find out if he drinks alot of carbonated soda (like coke) or maybe does he drink alot of milk?  Those can cause stones to form.  Cut back on the intake and that should help too.
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He doesn't drink cola and we both have a lactose intolerance so milk is outta the question. Someone mentioned that eating too much meat would cause stones, did your doctor mention this to you by chance?
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Oh yea one more thing, what color was your stone when it finally passed?
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Another way to fight kidney stones is with juices. I know of 6 recipes, the first one is lemon in a hot water glass,second one is carrots,beetroot and cucumber; 3 is carrot and spinach; 4-carrot, beetroot and coconuts ; the 5th one is carrots beetroot and celery and the last one is carrots and parsley.
If you try one of them please leave a comment on what job did they do :)
read this for more info- http://spiritbody.blogspot.com/2007/09/juicy-powerhow-to-fight-kidney-stones.html
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