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Lack of sensation and voluntary muscle control of penis

What i am about to describe in as much detail as i can happened to me around 6 years ago.

For 2-3 days i had pain in both of my testicles, with the right one slightly more in pain. Also the right testicle felt to hang higher than usual. The pain was very similar to having blue balls, so i tried to masturbate in an attempt to relieve it. However it didn't work and the pain resumed.

The next day, because the pain resumed, i decided to examine my testicles by hand. And during that examination i felt 2 small ball-shaped objects on the cord attached to one of my testicles, close to where the cord meets the testicle. I was so scared and thought that i had cancer (a very close relative was battling with cancer at the time and it was on my mind a lot). And at that moment, very suddenly, i felt some kind of shock wave initiating from my genitals and moving all the way up to my neck, and i was immediately in so much sweat. It was very weird. (Later examinations by doctors revealed those bumps were actually nothing to be concerned about.)

That night i went to sleep and it just happened that i had slept right on the floor on the carpet. I usually sleep chest down, and not surprisingly, that next morning when i woke up i was laying chest down. But as soon as i woke up i realized there was a very strange feeling around my genitals. It felt like there was nothing, i mean i couldn't feel that area touching the floor, even if i was laying face down. It was like the sense of touch was completely lacking in the whole area.

I went to the bathroom to check things out. Firstly, the pain was gone (actually i could not feel anything in that area). And the testicles seemed to have dropped down visibly. But I could not feel touching my penis, there was no sensation on my penis at all. I also couldn't squeeze my penis muscles, i.e. i couldn't make it move by contracting my muscles in the genital area (which i could do before). It felt like the connection between my brain and the nerves down there was somehow broken. Strangely, the position and shape of my penis was different as well. It was hanging lower than usual, before that day my penis used to extrude a bit to the front, i.e. when standing the root of my penis started out more horizontal to the floor and then hang down. But now it was almost coming out of my body directly towards the floor. In other words, it felt and looked like the muscles that were supporting the penis root were not there anymore, and the penis was hanging more freely towards the floor. I hope i could clarify this was not only a feeling, but things were visibly different on the mirror as well. I have to mention the other big visible difference as well. Before this incident, my penis was rather small in flaccid state, but now even though it was soft and flaccid, it was much bigger in size. I first thought the low-hanging was related with this change in flaccid state, but several months later the flaccid state came back to normal while the hanging issue still remains after 6 years. This position of the genitals is incredibly uncomfortable and annoying for me, because when i walk or sit, they get pushed into between my thighs somehow and i cannot tell you how weird and uncomfortable this is. This started on that day and was never there before, it is like night & day for me. As if these weren't enough, a couple of days later, i realized the muscle control problem was not confined to the penis either. I had also trouble controlling anal muscles while in the restroom for a poop. It felt very different down there, and i cannot explain it better than saying it felt like the nerves were not conducting the signals all the way through, they were getting lost close the the end. I must say i am also constipated for 6 years. It must be related somehow, but not sure.

I went to several urologists and other doctors, but they have claimed to have found no physical issues. Even though i have explained them everything in detail, and showed them the physical/visible symptoms i mentioned above, they never even were convinced that something was physically wrong with me! I have asked them to perform nerve conduction tests as an attempt to prove them medically that there was something wrong, but they refused this for reasons i don't understand. I am so frustrated, so as a last hope i am writing this in case a doctor/patient has experienced something similar and can help :(

I am 41 years old, and at the time of the incident i was 35 years old. I had no complaints about my sexual life/organs before this incident, i guess i was pretty normal. Other than that, i have 4 rather big cervical disc herniations (were there before the incident) and slightly raised blood pressure (started later than the incident). I work out a lot and am fit otherwise.

At this point let me summarize all the symptoms in clear short sentences. I must add all these symptoms (except maybe for the constipation) have appeared sharply that morning:

- Lack of sensation to touch on penis head and shaft (there is sensation on the skin of testicles)

- Lack of voluntary muscle control of penis. Cannot squeeze/contract the muscles on my penis voluntarily. The sensation is completely different compared to before the incident. Feels like the nerve input cannot travel all the way down to the penis? Sorry this is the best i can explain.

- Visible changes in the shape of penis (flaccid size came back to previous state 6-7 months later, but overall it feels much softer/emptier than before)

- Constipation (for 6 years)

- Visible change in the way the penis/testicles hang (very uncomfortable during walking/sitting)

- Dramatically increased sweating in the anal area

- Lack of sex drive

I have searched all over the internet, but couldn't find any report with these exact symptoms. Based on my own research/guesswork, i think it can be "pelvic floor syndrome" or "suspensory ligament injury", but doctors i went to did not approve. I also have several big cervical disc herniations, and long time ago had temporary issues with my arm. I couldn't move it in a certain way, therefore i know how it feels when your brain wants to do a certain movement and your body doesn't pick it up. The lack of muscle control in the genital area resembles the one i had experienced in my arm, that's why i also think it can be a nervous system issue, maybe some blockage of related nerve roots in the cervical area, etc. The testicle pain lasting for a couple of days before the incident makes me think this as well. Again, could not make the doctors check it out, they have ruled cervical issues out immediately.

I really hope somebody with a similar problem or a doctor who has come across such a problem reads this and helps me out. It has been 6 years and i am really about to lose it.

Kind Regards
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Have you been checked for multiple sclerosis?
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No, i haven't.
I realize that isn't a cheerful suggestion, but given your arm problem earlier and your problem now, it wouldn't hurt to run the idea by a doctor.
Thank you, although it is very scary, i guess it has to be checked for :( One issue i have with this is the lack of specific testing for MS, i mean how to be sure? As a side note, today i have found out about PSSD (Post-SSRI-Sexual-Dysfunction), and i am quite shocked to see how much their symptoms resemble mine. I have never used SSRIs or any other similar medication, but so strange to read about nearly identical symptoms for PSSD patients, even lasting for several years !?
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Have you had any testing done? Imaging? What does your back doctor think about this?

Some medications can have sexual side effects, too. If you take any, talk to those doctors and see if the meds could cause them, or google them for sexual side effects. You can get really specific, like "name of med and penis lack of sensation", too.

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Thank you for your message. Yes, they have performed an MRI for the whole abdomen, but they didn't find anything. My back doctor thinks it is almost impossible for a cervical issue to cause genital symptoms without causing other symptoms higher up the hierarchy, like in the arms, etc. I was using no medication during that time, I have started taking blood pressure medication 2-3 years after that incident, and i am sure it has some sexual side effects, but the condition and the symptoms i mentioned predate the blood pressure medication. I will continue searching online in any case. Thank you so much again for your message. Kindest regards.
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