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Left testicle problem

I m 34 yrs old male , when my testicle sac is tight it looks little swalloen frm left side and just left testicle upper part not all testicle, after that when i take shower with warm water my left testicle look totally normal ,and i can feel the veins like tubes connecting to my left testicle dnt have any pain or redness even there's  no swelling in relax left testicle, just it feel swalloen just the upper part of left testicle when sac is tight ..and my right side testicle sac get easily tight..left side sac stay little loose from top but after i put cold tap water on it both testicle get tight and look normal ..wat can be this ? ESPECIALLY IN MORNING during poo left tetcicle comes up for a second..and feel like veins under skin of left testicle but there's no pain..nothing wat can be this..after cold shower both testicle looks normal in tight sac ..i hope you can understand
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My theory is that when you wonder about something especially regarding your crown jewels/testicles, that it is good to see a doctor and get examined.  You probably have retractile testicles.  This is when the testicle moves back and forth between the scrotum and the groin. However, what is throwing me off is that it just started with you and you aren't a baby.  It's usually a young person problem that goes away. What causes it then is an overactive muscle.  Here's information about it. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/retractile-testicle/symptoms-causes/syc-20377197  But again, that's usually little ones and you are an adult and this just started.  I mean, there is the whole cold temperature thing which is well known for causing the testicles to get tight. Some guys get this during sex too.  And maybe you do as well during your bm. Issues with the cremaster muscle? This is the muscle that reacts to temp changes.  If this is a new thing that is happening, your best bet is to see your doctor for a quick exam.  Let us know what you think and they say.
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You may have varicoceles, which are dilated veins around your testicles, often described as a "bag of worms." These typically increase with standing and decrease when you lie on your back. These are more commonly seen on the left side, which matches your clinical history. To rule out varicoceles or other pathology, consider scrotal ultrasound.
I dnt have any kind of pain..redness nothing...just dialted veins i can see while standing and yes they disappear when i lie down.....i am healthy in good shape..no pain during ejaculation nothing...shud i see doctor ?
Definitely. You want to rule out anything before saying you don't have anything. These are your testicles - take care of them. :)
You should see a doctor and get a scrotal ultrasound. Even if not painful, varicoceles can cause cause infertility.
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