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Loss on sensation in penis

I am loosing sensation in my penis when I have an orgasm . I do not have a libido issue . I still ejaculate . I have gotten blood tests done , I have seen a doctor,  seen a urologist,  and I still do not have any answers.  Any ideas ?
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I believe you are saying that you have a problem similar to the title of the post when watching porn sites, and you are asking "Do you have the same problem when logging in with a site like this? I wonder if the general problem of impotence has begun."

If that is what you are asking, possibly you are just getting bored by such sites. Or, (depending on your age), it could be that you are slower to get excited. But most people can get sexually excited even into older age, if they have the right stimulus. (For example, sometimes a new partner will cause a revival of sexual desire that the person thought was all gone.) In your shoes, I wouldn't give up, but I do suggest you try something else besides the same old sites. Sexual boredom is a real thing, it helps a lot to have variety.
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Are you having any issues with urinating? Any pain?

When you say you've lost sensation, is that an overall feeling? Anything specific?

What kind of testing did the urologist do?
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As far as pain , occasionally I do have pain yes, but not every time .

Sensation ,  if an orgasm feeling is on sale of 1-5 and 5 is normal , I am at a 1 or 2 or sometimes no feeling at all.
What kind of testing did the urologist do? Did they check your prostate?
Blood tests. Everything came back to normal and yes he did a physical exam.  He said he's never heard of this . Wanted to see if anything changes after 6 months and its hasn't.
Do you still feel the other parts of pleasure with the orgasm, like the sort of euphoric feeling after? Is it all just in the penis, or is the entire orgasm affected?

There is something called sexual anhedonia, or pleasure dissociative orgasmic dysfunction. Basically, it's where you ejaculate with no pleasure feeling at all.  


A lot of things could cause it - depression, drug or alcohol use, hormones, injury, etc. Are you on any medications? Antidepressants can alter sexual function, as can statins, and other meds.

Here's a long list of meds that may cause erection issues - https://www.webmd.com/erectile-dysfunction/guide/drugs-linked-erectile-dysfunction

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