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Low T

Hello, I am a 45 year old male.  I weigh 245 and 5.8 in height.  My ALT was recently 41.  I was told because of bad eating habits.  My testosorine level was low 241.  I do take effexor xr daily.  Could this be the cause of my low T?  I have a dr. appointment next month.  Is 241 something I should worry about?  I function well when it comes to physical activity with wife.  The only problem I may feel is that I am tired most of the time.
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A typical normal testosterone level range given is 260 -1080 ng/dl. Your testosterone level is low when compared with normal range. It is possible for you to overcome low testosterone by following the below diet.

1. Basically you should eat balanced and healthy diet.
2. Fruits and vegetables should be major part of your diet.
3. High levels of zinc are needed for better sexual health.
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   I would think that for your height you have an obese body with 245lbs weight. In the absence of any medical symptoms, you could improve your T level if you can reduce your weight by moderate exercise and good eating habits. You should also be watchful about your blood glucose levels in addition to your liver health.  

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