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Low testosterone at 20 Years old, why are doctors not helping me?

I am a 20 year old male and have always been active. I used to play football until freshmen year of college and always was significantly muscular and energetic.
I haven't felt right in probably a year and a half. My breasts became swollen months ago so I went to the doctor and asked to get blood work. They tested my hormones:
Testosterone levels were 330, which is in the range but fairly low for a 20 year old athletic male. I decided to go back to a different doctor (a month ago) to get tested again, where my testosterone was even lower at 236. Free Testosterone was also a little low at 34.9. The doctor for this test was the only who seemed to care and suggested I go to an endocrinologist.
I started going to doctors because something was obviously not right. I Couldn't build muscle, lose weight, had no motivation or sex drive, which is completely unusual for my body.
However, every endocrinologist is dismissing me telling me I'm okay and not purposing anything to help. I am extremely confused because I have the paperwork showing that my testosterone levels were flagged as low, but the endocrinologists refuse to believe it! They treat me like I am an idiot and don't know what I am talking about, but I am a pre-medical major and understand all of these tests, etc.
I am wondering what I should do or what could be causing these low test levels at the age of 20. I am confused because no doctors, besides the one who referred me, seemed to care! Not sure what to do next.
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330 is a normal value for any adult male, 20 or 50.  There is no "spot on" normal number for any adult male - just a range.  You can pump iron until you're blue in the face - isn't going to change your T level.  "Activity" has little or nothing to do with it.

Swollen breasts?  Do you smoke pot a lot?  That is the most common etiology for "swollen" breasts after puberty and before age 50..  Did they test the various estrongens?  T levels alone have nothing to do with swollen breasts.

As a rule of thumb, a board certified specialist (an endocrinologist for example) is far more reliable than a general practitioner with regard to evaluation of a problem centered on that specialis's specialty.  This is especially true these days.
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I had ED issuesnfor a bit and my T levels were lower and they gave me the same talks. I’m 20, played sports in HS, still lift and everything and they explained that your level varies through the day, it only matters what your average level is, and free testosterone is more important (I don’t think it’s agreed upon in general but still). Every doctor I saw said I was healthy as a horse and they didn’t see a problem so told me I was fine. I’m actually fine now so give it some time, go again in a month or 2 and see how the results vary. If they keep declining then they will listen and help. They don’t want to give TRT to young guys. You can try natural stuff to max natural production. Good luck man
Also, it took me like a year and a half to get back to feeing normal, but the more you worry and obsess the worst it will get. If you give the idea that you aren’t as good/ different than b4 then that’s what will happen. Your thoughts produce feelings and that can affect you physically if it persists for a long time. And if you don’t have ED count your blessings cuz trust me, it can always be worse
Thanks man. Makes me feel better knowing someone also went through it. It sucks, sorry you felt that, too. Heres an update though:

Just went to doc again yesterday and he said that something in my blood work (I think LH, FSH, or T4) came back strange in reference to my low testosterone. He said that it can be an indicator of something being wrong with my pituitary gland. He believes that I may have a certain pituitary disease, pituitary tumor, or dis-functioning pituitary gland. Told me to take two more blood tests tomorrow and that we will all about treatment from there.
I also decided to mention my many previous concussions from when I played football and he mentioned that head trauma can actually cause this. Hopefully it will be figured out soon .
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