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Low testosterone or Low Serotonin?

Symptoms are as follows:

- Severe lack of energy, motivation
- Hair loss
- Loss of libido
- Anxiety and panic attacks (daily)
as you may know anxiety/panic attacks have a whole list of symptoms such as muscle cramps/tension, irregular heart beat, difficulty breathing, chest pain, sweating, etc.
- Loss of muscle mass
- Cloudy head, almost feel like a zombie.
- Out of breath from SIMPLE activities (like huffing and puffing after mowing the lawn)

I dont know if this is all caused by low serotonin or low testosterone,. I had my t-levels checked and the doc says that DHEA was very elevated by testosterone was normal , however I have a very good feeling that , naturally, i had higher than average T-levels and the sudden decrease to normal may be the cause of these symptoms im experiencing.

If its not the Test, then perhaps its low serotonin? How would i go about finding out which it is? test or serotonin?
any help is appreciated.

God bless!
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anyone with any input at all?
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Ditto....I am feeling exactly what you are.  I tried to go back on an antidepressant, Prozac, a few months ago and it sent me into an anxiety spin,,,,St Johns Wort did the same.

I was having daily panic, anxiety, fear, tingling, sinking feeling and generally feeling wired!.
I did go to my doctor and she tested my and my T count was 175 which is significantly low apparently.  I have to go back this week for another test and then maybe testosterone replacement therapy. Like you, I am not sure if it is serotonin or T counts. I will ask her and report back...Great question.

I do know that I am afraid to take an SSRI now, because I cannot stand that kind of insanity, and have some considerations about T therapy....

You are not alone!
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Anxiety can feel like a lonely experience... I have been through hell and back with OCD/Anxiety related disorders.

SSRi's are ok but only helped me a certain amount, you naturally create seretonin from doing things you enjoy.

the first step to overcoming anxiety is accepting it is there.  everyone experiences anxiety, except we pay it attention- where others don't. they shuv it off an get on with their day.

I feel you'd do well to read some gd information about anxiety.  seek out a good book!  anxiety problems are caused by a number of factors...
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brother, I think im just like you, when I take any form of serotogenic drug whether it be SSRI or natural like 5htp , it makes a huge increase in anxiety/panic and makes my heart race! I remember about 3-4 years back I use to take 5htp at huge doses like 2-300mg a day and i never had 1 single side effect! I only saw the benefit from it just like they claimed. But now- Its opposite, I cant even take baby doses of 5htp or SSRI drugs without me going into a panic attack! I dont know if this is a sign of serotonin syndrome Or if its a sign of low testosterone causing this. My appointment with my Endo is on OCT30th which is still far away,..  I am living my life daily with anxiety/stress and panic attacks. It is VERY frustrating and annoying. Esp. The heart beating too hard or fast , breathing difficulties and severe lower chest/upper abdomen cramping and pain. Also the having NO energy at all, losing all my muscle mass and getting TOTALLY winded and out of breath from doing simple things like playing with my nephew or running up the stairs or mowing the lawn.

I really hope the doctors can figure out if its LOW T or LOW S that is causing this, because if they make a mistake and say its LOW T and its really LOW S, I could be headed down an even worse path full of SUPER SEVERE panic attacks to the point where I might have a heart attack. Thats why im scared man...  Please when you get back from your hormone specialist, please inform me of everything that was said - it would help me and possibly others.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right, anxiety/panic attacks can be caused by so many different events in life and talk therapy , reading can help. HOWEVER, its not so simple. There are 2 categories I have split and put these anxiety and panic disorders into, one is mental and one is non-mental. The mental one are those people who have a high level of stress or traumatic events or phobias or fears - their panic and anxiety/stress initiates from their mind - they self induce their attacks. The others are the non-mental group, these people, like myself, there is no high stress lifestyle, no fears or phobias, no traumatic events, there is nothing precipitating my mind into making me go into an attack. Im not pushing myself towards an attack in any way. My attacks happen at random-without warning- and can last entire days. I can be comfortable at home watching a movie with my family or by myself and  I can have an attack. I can be outside in a mall talking to strangers and i will be fine. and vice versa.

So , in my case, talking , psychotherapy, books and CBT type stuff, will not help me. The cause of my attacks is physical - an imbalance of something somewhere. Too much or too little of something.
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Wow, you sound so similar to me. I took Prozac for years---stopped and 8 months later started again, and I had to take a Klonopin to settle down...Then I got off the benzos.
I was watching the football game and had this uneasy anxiety feeling, and 20 minutes later I was laughing with friends. I get panicky at work and have to walk around the building and then a little later I feel calm.. And I also notice that one minute I am sweating like a pig even though it is cool out.....My testosterone blood work was taken yesterday along with serotonin levels.  I will be interested in seeing the results. I also have had waves of mild nausea, which apparently is another symptom.

I go to the shrink today, so it will be interesting to see what he says about this annoying situation. I will never joke about women in menapause again :)
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The nausea is a symptom of what? low t or low s?
also taking ssri's will kill you sex drive. The blood serotonin test you did will not reveal how much serotonin you have in your brain, but a PET scan will.
Let me know what happens with you @ your shrink appointment.
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The shrink thinks it is a good idea to start on the Testosterone Replacement, before we try a mood stabilizer. He would not put me on an SSRI but probably Lamictal, or Tegretal, because he feels my anxiety is more mood related that classic depression. And since I seem to be SSRI avoidant.

My blood work comes back on Saturday, and I will probably start the TRT next Friday when I get back from out of town. This is all dependent on the 2nd blood test. My shrink did tell me it is a waste of time to get Serotonin level from blood work. I guess my family doctor did NOT know that.

My anxiety has lessened a lot the last few days. I know it is cyclical.
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In your description of your symptoms you did not mention your age.  I kept thinking about, ."I get short of breath with just mowing the lawn".  Maybe you should think first physical and have your MD do a cardiac check on you first and then go onto the psychological.  What is your family history like in regards to cardiac.  I don't want to add more anxiety or fears to your already list of concerns, but check it out.  

I have taken SRRIs for years and have been lucky to not have anxiety attacks or have my OCD respond negatively.

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