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Low testosterone or what???

Hi, I am a 21 year old man and I suspect that I have low testosterone in my body. There are many reasone that forced me to come to such conclusion. Some of these characteristics are my high pitched voice, my submissive/passive personality, my kiddish looks, and overall personality. I come of as weak and low self esteem individual who can be easily influenced by others and be easily controlled by the male dominant society. I am very depressed as I believe myself to possess more feminine qualities such as indecicive, shy, low confidence, etc. I think I was born with low testosterone and this thought just kills me. I have been called weak, feminine by my  cousin brother. He says I aint manly enough. This just killed a part of me inside and I feel like suicidng. NO girls are attracted to me due to this. I just cant live with the fact that I m perceived feminine. I even possess a bigger index finger compared to ring finger, which is typically a female characteristic What should I do???
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My brother says I am a special child who did not develop manly characteristic of AGGRESIVENESS, which seperates male from female. I think if I was more aggressive than others would respect me, I would have more respect. I just need to MAN UP, thats all. And I believe taking testosterone shots and going to gym would make me a MAN. I would get in shape, get a good physique, my voice will change, my looks will mature. And I would like to achieve this in 2 years time.  
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Well my conditions aren't that bad , I mean I am not completely girly; its just I ain't that manly enough like others my age. I come off as a wimp who cant fight or take authority like ohers my age. I am in no way GAY, or possess any qualities as such. But my body language doesnt suite my overall personality. I seem like a man who is weak like other females. Who does not possess any guts. Basically I lack confidence and this shows from my voice. I also look very young; something like 15 years old. When someone meets me he thinks I am naive minded from the way I look. I also cannot speak properly and that is the reason no one interacts with me. I am really smart and girls say I am cute; but not man enough to be with them, and they NEED A MAN....NOT A BOY....It seems as if I do not possess a high testosterone level. Some men are born with more estrogen whereas others with high testosterone. I think I belong to the first category. No one has said I am gay or feminine as in behaving like female (dressing, makeup, etc). Thats a BIG NO, because I do not behave in such a way; its just that I am rahter a beta male who does not argue, does not fight for rights, does everything to please toehrs, low confidence, etc. THIS IS WHAT, I want to change. I do not even posses 1% confidence and thats the reason I do not have any girlfriends. Girls think I am not good enough alpha type male to protect them. I fear the thought of fighting other guys. I perceive myself weak compared to them. And I blame all of this to my puberty. Hence testosterone might help me eliminate such problems like GIVE ME CONFIDENCE, MANLY LOOKS (I have kiddish looks), DEEPER VOICE, MORE SELF ESTEEM, GOOD BODY (MUSCLES). Hence I would like to be an alpha male, not a chicken, who no one respects.  
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First, you are who you are and you should not let what others say get you down; you must learn to say ' I am who I am and if other don't like that well to bad.....' The 20's are a verrrrrry complex time in most peoples lives in this generation. I hated my 20's, but you know what? You will gain so much wisdom about how other people think/work and why they do and say those things.

I can tell you also, looking up medical things on the internet just makes things worse and can cause you to worry more.

Never say you want to commit suicide....killing yourself solves nothing....and come on this is such a crazy world, don't you want to see what will happen in the future?

If people bully you, bring it to the attention of a higher power. They will do something.

About your testosterone, goto your doctor and have a blood test done to check you testosterone level. Its very easy and they can also do other tests to see if everything is in check.

Remember, gender roles were created by humans....you are unique, like everyone else and take pride in that.

If you need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message. I feel for you man, and your only 21...once you get older its against the law for people to harras you, like at work etc. There are tons of morons out there, you will learn how to deal with them.

All the best and build that confidence! Just go out there and if someone tries to get you down or says something about you voice shrug it off and say in your mind 'Fu*k You!'
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Hi Robin, Why not just go your doctor and get some blood tests done, then when you get your results, your doctor can take it from there, but the natural way to incress your testosterone is to lots of weight lifting, and I mean heavy wieght lifting, google natural ways to incress testosterone, and thats another way to go.
Good Luck
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I have recently started going to gym and working out to get in shape due to my overweight problem. But I am unable to gain any muscles. I researched and found out that men who have low testosterone in their body cannot buildany muscles. I have been bullied throughout my life by kids my age. I have been a joke in school, in college... and no one wants to interact with me. I heard testosterone shots help u with more masculine characteristics. So should I tke it???
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