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Lump in Chest

My son has a lump on his left breast that is approx. 1.9x0.6cm mostly cystic mass lateral and posterior to the areola. He is 21 years old, about 5'9, around 250lb, healthy otherwise, has had a mammogram and ultrasound, thus far. The report states "heterogeneous retroareolar mass. Differential considerations would include abscess, hematoma or neoplasm. Biopsy is recommended. If abscess is suspected antibiotic therapy prior to needle aspiration would be prudent. His dr. is setting him up for a visit with a surgeon for a biopsy and did give him a round of strong antibiotics. Can you tell me what this means in layman's terms? Is it serious? The lump is moveable and very painful, right now he is taking lortabs 7.5 for the pain. If you can enlighten us any at all on this subject it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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A heterogeneous retroaerolar mass simply means that there is an unknown type of lump located behind the nipple of the breast that cannot be readily identified because it looks like the surrounding tissue. The lump in his breast may be a neoplasm, which is a tumor.  These tumors can be benign, cancerous, or just a piece of tissue that serves no purpose (histoid).  Hematoma is a tumor filled with blood, generally caused by a truama. An abscess is a puss-filled tumor that is most likely infected, which is why anti-biotics were ordered.  Generally a needle biopsy will be performed where a needle will be inserted guided by ultrasound to enter the lump and remove some cells so they can identify the lump. Treatment will be performed upon those findings. If it can be removed, they will do so and probably add some radiation therapy in for good measure.  The portion of the report you list does not indicate breast cancer is suspected, but the doctor will search for it anyway to make sure nothing is "missed".
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Could you look at my posts. I am a 25 year old male in a similar situation.
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