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Lump in Lower ab.

I'm 25, I'm in shape. In my lower abdomen, below the waist actually it's only a couple inches above my penis on the right side I have a lump, it's about quarter sized of say. Sometimes it raises out of the skin more. It does cause pain if smashed or stepped on (cat). Sometimes my girl lays her head in my lap and hits it and I jerk. Sitting in a compromised position hurts it as well. I press on it every now and again and the best way I can describe the feeling other than intense discomfort is like constipation or if you have to pee really bad but you continue to hold it in, (I guess it could be resting on bladder). Anyway I need to know if this needs to get checked ASAP or if I can wait a little bit I went to dr about two months ago, but it had decreased so much in size he couldn't get a look or really feel it so he couldn't say much at the time. Please help
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This may be a direct inguinal hernia, particularly if it bothers you when you cough or sneeze. You need to go back to the doctor when its there and easy to see. If this is what you have then it may require surgery to repair it but there is no immediate danger of anything nasty.
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