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Lump in inner upper thigh and pain down leg bad around ankle. 19 years old

Basically 4 days ago I got this really bad pain in my upper inner thigh left leg, painful to touch and when I moved. The next day it was so bad I couldn't put my foot flat on the floor or walk. By this point the pain affected me badly in my upper inside thigh (close to where leg meets groin) and had travelled down my whole leg, getting slightly worse around the inside of my knee, and terribly painful around the inside of my ankle (below and around the back or the ball of ankle but like in the flesh or something). Fells like its going in a straight line so nerve, vein, tendon.. something like that I thought. Then I can feel a lump in the painful spot in upper thigh. Went to my GP and an off hours on call GP before hand. One said swollen lymph node maybe due to flu or maybe muscular probs. My GP set up ultra sound and blood test but doesn't think it's that bad. Previous health problems, warts on my bum. My dad had warts on his bottom and ended up with cancer (lymphoma) swollen lymph nodes everywhere. I now have an achey feeling in my testicles. I'm 19 years old.
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Anybody? I'm now experiencing discomfort in my bladder and aching in my testicles. :(
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   Lymph node swelling in the area mentioned is quite common and it indicates some infection in the near by area. Did your doctor prescribe you any antibiotic, if so, complete the course and see the results. Or else, a visit to a urologist is advised. You may not have to connect your problem with your father's, but it it is always better to be cautious.
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