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Lump in penis

Hi, my boyfriend is 21, ever since we have been together (10 months) he has had a pea sized lump underneath the surface of his penis. It's about 2 thirds of the way down on the right side. It is hard and feels like a lump of grissle and he can move it. There's no pain coming from it at all, infact he has tried squeezing it really hard as he thoguht it was just a spot at first; and it doesn't hurt him at all. In the centre of it there is a little hole, which i believe to be a previous hair follicle. He has been to the doctors and they say it is a common lump of grissle and nothing to worry about. However, he did not tell them that just before it appeared (before he was with me) he he had a drunken 1 night stand with a trampy s**t at the bottom of his street. We have been tested for Chladmydia and have not got it, so what could it be? Has he caught something from her? Or is it simply a harmless lump of grissle?
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