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Are there any men out there who have experienced lactation?

Do you know what the reason was and how did you deal/are you dealing with it?


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high prolactin levels can cause this problem a doctors visit and a blood test need to be conducted.
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low t is right, Do you have gynecomasita (man boobs), erectile dysfunction, fatigue, blurry vision, headaches........ It could be a problem with your pituatary gland. Blood test would come first then possibly a mri of your brain. Good news is if it is this it is more than likely not life threatening. Usually fixed with medication and rarely surgery. Most symptoms including the lactating will go away if treated.
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my wife just passed away i have a 4 month old i do not want  to do formal, i heard somewhere if a man stimulated his breast on a tight schedule he will be able to breast feed i am hoping  this is true i have already started  so far i have gotten a clear sweet liquid coming out of my breasts, not  enough to satify a growing baby, if i can help out at all i'm gonna do my best even if it kills me.  + i heard breast feeding helps build a baby parent bond so if thats true and i am able to get milk thats all i can do my ? to all of you is do you know is this true?  i have read men also have mammery gland but they are not as  big as womens i'm praying this is true.  to be honest if any1 wants to help me and encourage me PLEASE do i beg you
thanks truely
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i refuss to take drugs if it is possable for me to produce milk,   i sure hope and pray i can.  oh did i say i read a artical about a father who was in a situation like mine and it works please some1 suport me i do not want to be alone
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erectile dysfunction, fatigue, blurry vision, headaches this is gonna sound dumb, but i'm trying to lactate.  just wanted some1 to encorage me is all  and since i started stumating my breasts, i have noticed my breast issue has gotten more softer, my breasts also look bigger, and yesturday i noticed a small kinda not clear skin lump around my left nipple.  today i woke up and felt it and right away after i touched it my nipples  bothy got hard is that a sign ?
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i know i have seem skin bumps on a regular females breast, i think they are a type of gland not sure
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I'm a lactating male do to low t and fenugreek.
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