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Maintaining erection inside vagina

I am a 27 year old male and recently married. Both myself and my wife were virgins until marriage. We have problems concerning sex. In the beginning it was very difficult to penetrate her vagina and during the several attempts I would lose my erection. She would just cry with unbearable pain. After consulting a Gynaecologist, she was advised to use L-Arginie & some clinical gel. With the help from that she wouldn’t feel any pain whatsoever but we were able to have sex just once after several months of marriage. I would lose my erection several times after penetration and would have to stimulate by hand. Although she gets aroused during foreplay, she does not have feelings towards sex. Also, she doest not have any feeling on her breast except pain. I advised her to show some sort of joyful expression on her face during sex. She also feels pain and discomfort with her legs.

Now I get really hard during foreplay but once i start penetration, i lose my erection after 1-2 minutes. I never had such problems while i used to masturbate. Is there something wrong with me or is it her failure to respond? In the end i get tensed and masturbate.

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I'm an amateur so I'd advice not to take what I say as 100% truth.

I think you are too worried about your performance and therefore you can't maintain an erection.

Look at it this way, when you're masturbating, you're alone and you can do whatever you want.
When you're with your wife, you might subconsciously want to look good like a pornstar, ergo your focus is not there 100%, or you might have some psychological blockage during sex, I'm not sure.

My friend told me that some women who are virgins for a long time feel pain in during penetration because their muscles around the vagina is tight or something along that line. In order to fix it your gyno has to injected your wife with some muscle relaxant therefore making her vagina walls or something relax, making sex not painful but pretty much normal I guess. This is what my friend told me, so like I said, don't take my word for it.

Hope I helping at least a bit
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how can a man lose his erection in a vagina..must be gay

this is why u should have had sex before marriage so you didn;t waste your wife's time....now that you realize you aren;t into girls

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She should consult a doctor and you should go with her.  It will get better with time!  Do what works best for yourselves first.  Use oral sex and self pleasure to get through this first bit.

What positions have you tried?  Have you used lube?
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Try using a **** strap or ring, it restricts the blood flow from coming out and help maintain a hard erection. i like to use it cause it helps not to ejaculate too soon also and you still are hard after you do so you can keep going to finish pleasing her
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Google 'deer exercise for man' and 'deer exercise for woman'. Both of you can do these exercises. Kegel exercises can also beneficial. Use this as an adjunct therapy. There are number of websites available on these subjects.
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If you have to masturbate, remember the following tips.
Do not mb with dry hand, use lubricated hand.
Do not stop breathing while doing mb.
Keep perineum( muscle between legs) relaxed. You may massage your wife's perineum.
Do not mb when you are over excited.
Do not mb when you are in a hurry. keep 20 minutes for mb. Use these tips whenever possible.
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