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Male breast cyst only on one side?

I have had this for many years and just hid it with layers of clothing, its quite embarrassing. I have never had medical insurance or any extra cash to ever see a doctor really about it. A few years ago I got a fluid drain test (it had no fluids)  and a mammogram for it. I payed cash to the doctors office that saw me and when i went back for my results they said I had to pay them like 400 dollars just to see my results, so I never went back. Its only on my right breast and it has no pain at all. You can clearly feel a flat/roundish lump about 1 inch thick and 3 inches wide, its not in my nipple just like a ball of fat or something behind the skin. I can pinch through the back of it and block it off, its not attached to me, its just a lump. Don't really know how else to explain it. I know 100% its not cancer because I have had this for over 10 years, I'm sure I would be dead. Its just grown very very very slowly over the years its like I have an A or a B cup. Online Google searches said its called "Gynecomastia" but I think that's just regular male breast this is just a basic cyst. I get my income tax soon so i'm wondering what kind of doctor can I see just to have this removed, I mean its not like it will be hard i'm sure they wont even have to put me under, and just let me stay awake.



What kind of doctor can I see for this? I've read a plastic surgeon but I don't have a million dollars to pay for this.
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My son had Gynecomastia of one breast see a plastic surgeon.
I would contact your local American Medical Association and file a complaint against the doctor for your medical report!
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Nah, I am not going to report them it will never do any good. All they care about is money anyways, plus it was years ago. All they did was ask me the whole time if I tried to get a sex change and laughed which really hurt my feelings, that was pretty messed up. (& no I never have I am not like that thx)
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