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Male seduction of staff

Male patients may take advantage of the caregiver by being seductive toward her. Other than reframing this seduction attempt into harassment, what is the wisdom of the medical community towards this dynamic?
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That's a strange scenario. Do you mean a patient doctor situation? In that case, a female doctor is in charge of the exam time and can bring a nurse in with her. If you are speaking of something like home care or patient hospital care, the patient IS a patient. Presumably they require care. In what way are they being seductive? If that is the case, the caregiver should report it to the person who hired her to do the job. The employer should address it (whether she works for a service or private employer, they should step in). If the patient themselves hired her, she's not in servitude and if the person is inappropriate, she quits. No victims here. Move on to a different position. And then when the patient can't find people to provide care, perhaps they will change their ways.
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Oh, and a female, no matter the circumstances, should first by telling the person (in this case the patient) that they are making her feel uncomfortable and they need to treat her with respect and professionally.

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